00-03 Engine, Trans, F/I & Tuning

04-06 6thgen vs 02-03 5thgen Axle Comparison (6-Speed Transmission ONLY)27-Jan-20192019-01-27 18:53:37
2000-2001 5thgen Maxima eManage Ultimate Wiring Diagram23-Dec-20182018-12-23 15:12:24
2016 8thgen Intake Manifold Installed on 7thgen Maxima (Direct Fitment)29-Dec-20182018-12-29 07:30:40
350z Lightweight Alternator Pulley Fitment on 3.5 Maxima’s18-Mar-20182018-03-18 15:41:55
4thgen/5thgen Nissan Maxima Idler Pulley Setup and Assembly22-Apr-20182018-04-22 17:34:42
5thgen Maxima with 7thgen Gen2 VQ35DE Engine Accessory Retrofit23-Dec-20182018-12-23 21:33:00
area74 iO2 V3.1 CatSim Universal Oxygen Sensor Simulator23-Dec-20182018-12-23 21:47:48
Basic Intercooler Layout for 4thgen / 5thgen /5.5 Gen03-Nov-20182018-11-03 02:34:24
Color ECU Pinout Diagrams01-Apr-20172017-04-01 17:24:22
CXJPerformance Thermal Intake Manifold Spacers14-Feb-20182018-02-14 07:21:54
DC Power 270 Amp XP High Output Alternator for VQ35DE Engines09-Feb-20182018-02-09 21:55:49
E-Manage Ultimate Review on 2002 Nissan Maxima25-Dec-20172017-12-25 19:04:26
Easily Program NATS 1999-2003 Maxima Keys with Nissan Datascan II11-Feb-20182018-02-11 22:20:13
Fuel Gauge Issues – How to Determine if it’s Fuel Sensor or Cluster/Odometer on 5thgen Maxima?18-Apr-20192019-04-18 10:09:51
FWD VQ35 HR Swap TPS Sensor Wiring 5.7 Gen31-Mar-20182018-03-31 07:16:06
Gallery of HR Swap Engine Bays aka FWD 2nd Gen VQ35DE Swap (Maxima/Altima)24-Nov-20182018-11-24 09:05:11
Hotshot Headers Product Info & Install Instructions26-Jan-20182018-01-26 21:43:10
How to Change the Fuel Filter21-Jan-20172017-01-21 13:28:56
How to Change the Transmission Fluid (’02-’03 6-speeds only)06-Feb-20172017-02-06 13:32:49
How to Change the Transmission Fluid (’02-’03 6-speeds only) Version 225-Dec-20172017-12-25 22:50:18
How to Clean Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Under $1023-Dec-20172017-12-23 20:00:43
How to Fix VIAS15-Jan-20172017-01-15 21:55:51
How to Install Kinetix Intake Manifold05-Jan-20172017-01-05 03:54:10
How to Install Mustang Cobra #39 Injectors15-Jan-20172017-01-15 22:09:22
How to Install NWP Phenolic Performance Intake Spacers20-Jan-20182018-01-20 21:23:35
How to Install Stillen Supercharger08-Jan-20172017-01-08 17:10:20
How to Install TransGo RE4F04B-HD215-Jan-20172017-01-15 21:45:20
How to Install Transmission Cooler15-Jan-20172017-01-15 21:29:05
How to Install Y-Pipe & Catalytic Convert on 5thgen Maxima14-Jan-20182018-01-14 13:29:59
How to Make a Short-Throw Shifter using Your Stock Shifter12-Aug-20172017-08-12 13:37:47
How to Perform a 4thgen VQ35DE Engine Swap08-Feb-20172017-02-08 17:12:28
How to Perform ECU Reset, Throttle Pedal Release, TVCP, Idle Volume Learning15-Jan-20172017-01-15 22:01:32
How to Perform Idle Air Volume Learning Procedure15-Jan-20172017-01-15 21:34:02
How To Re-Clock Your Vortech Supercharger09-Jan-20172017-01-09 00:00:05
How to Remove DE-K Swirl Valves15-Jan-20172017-01-15 22:05:32
How to Remove Your IACV15-Jan-20172017-01-15 22:07:48
How to Repair and Eliminate Oil Cooler/Warmer15-Jan-20172017-01-15 21:39:09
How to Replace and Install New 02 Sensors05-Jan-20172017-01-05 04:08:31
How to Swap a 2002 Maxima Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) into a 200101-Jan-20182018-01-01 14:11:11
How to Swap a Gen2 2007+ Altima or 2009+ Maxima VQ35DE Engine (into Older Nissans)08-Feb-20172017-02-08 15:02:43
How to Tune your Nissan/Infiniti ECU using Rom Raider and Nisprog/Kern (for only $10)01-Feb-20172017-02-01 23:58:18
Inlet Size of Gen2 VQ35DE Fuel Fails (HR Swap)23-Feb-20192019-02-23 20:28:55
Install an 1999 Maxima Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pulley (UDP) on 2002 Maxima25-Dec-20172017-12-25 23:09:37
Installing a Stillen Front Strut Tower Brace (FSTB) on 5thgen Maxima25-Dec-20172017-12-25 23:21:21
Installing a Stillen Rear Sway Bar (RSB) on 5thgen Maxima25-Dec-20172017-12-25 23:14:51
Installing an Injen Cold-Air Intake on 5thgen Maxima25-Dec-20172017-12-25 23:05:23
Jaime’s Vortech Supercharged VQ35DE 5thgen Nissan Maxima from Dominican Republic30-Dec-20172017-12-30 06:05:49
Make your Own Polyurethane Filled Motor Mounts25-Dec-20172017-12-25 21:17:56
NISformance NATS Security Delete (Race Car / Off-Road ONLY)12-Feb-20182018-02-12 08:30:52
NISformance Oil Cooler/Warmer Delete Kit FWD 2nd Gen VQ35DE (Installation)09-Mar-20192019-03-09 08:40:34
NISformance VQ35DE High Performance Headers – Member Photos23-Feb-20192019-02-23 20:41:01
NISformance VQ35DE SSIM Gutted Manifold Service09-Feb-20182018-02-09 21:01:33
Nissan DataScan II aka The Affordable Nissan Consult09-Oct-20172017-10-09 19:34:45
Nissan Maxima Vortech Supercharger Misc Gallery07-May-20182018-05-07 07:36:27
O2 Simulator Installation (Original Instructions Provided for Cattman Headers)23-Dec-20182018-12-23 21:42:28
Quick, Dirty, and Somewhat Cheap “HR” Swap on 2002 Nissan Maxima31-Mar-20182018-03-31 07:05:47
secondtonone317’s Backyard Turbo Rebuild01-Jan-20182018-01-01 20:01:03
SPAL 16″ Puller Electric Fan 2024 CFM on Nissan Maxima (Part # 30102049)09-Jun-20182018-06-09 09:39:51
Tune On The Go Thermal Intake Manifold Spacers (Nissan Maxima / Altima)23-Nov-20182018-11-23 12:03:21
VQ35 FWD HR 2007+ Altima Engine Swap on 3.0 Timing09-Oct-20172017-10-09 19:46:52
VQ35 HR vs DE Head Flow (Comparison / Flow Testing)02-Dec-20182018-12-02 09:39:09
VQ35DE Kinetix Intake Manifold Gallery16-Dec-20182018-12-16 15:56:25
What is the VQ35DE Factory Oil Pressure PSI?31-Jan-20182018-01-31 20:59:19
Where are Bank 1 and Bank 2 sensors located?10-Nov-20172017-11-10 16:17:33

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