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I am one step away from becoming the first documented 7th gen swap to have retained all 7th gen accessories. The only item left is AC line set retrofit to the compressor. Below is the new power steering hose. The hose was made in about 15 min while I stood there and picked my hydraulic guy’s brain about the AC line set retrofit. This fabrication was necessary in order to clear the low pressure side above the high pressure side connection in order to reach upwards and connect up top on the strut tower. Total cost for the hose, fittings, and labor, $65.

Old banjo connection alongside new flare connection.

New 2003 AC line set (right) and 2014 line set. My hydraulic hose guy will cut the compressor fittings off of the 2014 line set and fit to the 2003 line set as well as bend/add tubing to the ends of the hoses to accommodate the 60 degree offset for the connections and retain factory orientation. Little stuff, but I’m excited!

Made a bit more progress. I’m really happy so far. I have just finished retrofitting all 7th gen accessories for my swap motor.

No bracket necessary. Bolts straight to the 5th gen oil pan.

It is finished. Including front and rear main seals Just gotta hook up oil cooler hose, mount trans cooler, put manifolds and cats together and drop it in.