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I decided to change my stock OEM Nissan fans to Mishimoto Slim fans. Below is what I did in order to make the fans plug-n-play, to the stock harness. For Mishimoto, you don’t really need a relay but it doesn’t hurt to have one. If you decide to do stronger fans like SPAL, you will definitely need a relay to avoid melting your wires. Those are very very strong fans of which the stock plugs cannot handle without a relay.

Important Note: Wire colors may be different so please check the factory service manual. You can use the below as a reference.


  1. Get a set of 1995-1999 4thgen Nissan Maxima Radiator Fan harness pigtails. You need the female end to make your Mishimoto fan plug-n-play. On the 04+ Maximas, the female connector is on the fan itself and cannot be reused.
  2. Positive Wires (12+ v): Twist pigtail wire 1 & 2 (Green and Blue) together to the blue wire on the Mishimoto fan.
  3. Ground Wires (-): Twist wires 3 & 4  (Yellow and Black) together to the black wire on the Mishimoto fan.
  4. Test your fan by unplugging the temperature sensor and turning the key to the ON position. Fan should automatically come on. Confirm the fans are also turning in the same direction of OEM fans. Turn off car.
  5. If steps 1-4 are good, solder/heat-shrink wires and repeated for your second fan.

All Set.

Reference Photos


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