Over the past 10 years, car forums have suffered due to the popularity of Facebook groups. In fact, many well-known Maxima websites have shut down as the cost to maintain them was too high given the low traffic rates. So much great content and photos were lost as these forums faded away.

In order to continue the legacy, we launched my4dsc.com to motivate, preserve content and allow maxima owners to continue learning and help others. my4dsc.com is the official #1 site on the web for Nissan Maxima content!

Original History

We launched various Nissan Maxima forums between 2010 and 2011. The first site in 2010 (my6thgen.org) started with just five members. The word spread, and in just a few months the membership rapidly. As popularity increased, additional forums were based on specific generations of The websites were all integrated via Single Sign-on and allowed members to retain one profile across all forums.

The inspiration for the original forums comes from fallen member Kevin Crawford (Kevin007) who passed away in 2009. Kevin was a highly active member of the 6thgen community, never hesitating to help anyone out. Kevin also demonstrated the true capabilities of a 6th gen Maxima by pushing it to its limits, and currently holding a track record of 12.8 seconds in the ¼ mile. In his loving memory, we launched the forums to carry on his legacy of keeping the 6thgen spirit alive while promoting networking, friendships, and technical knowledge.