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Just a lil knowledge share on VQ engine Info for Nissan Maxima’s. I know many probably never new what the “K” stands for. VQ30DE, VQ30DE-K, VQ30DE-T, VQ35DE.

VQ –– Engine Family
3.0/3.5 –– Liter Displacement
D –– DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshafts)
E –– Multi Point Fuel Injection
K –– Kaizen (Japanese word which translates to “improvement”. It was only applicable to 00/01 5thgens. Basically an improvement over the 1995-1998 VQ30DE. The firewall plates did not specify the “K” in the name plate. So you will still see VQ30DE.)
T –– Turbo Version of Engine. Mostly JDM vehicles.


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