Last Updated: 11/08/2020 @ 07:37 am

Community Member Credit: Eddy

I decided to install an Audi Battery Power Jump/Terminal Box. The engine bay is so much cleaner and I can now jumpstart the car from the engine bay vs the trunk if I ever need to. You can also see where I put the OEM battery fuse that comes on the original setup.

You can find these on eBay. Just search for these keywords “AUDI BATTERY JUNCTION BOX OEM”. If you want the one I have, you can search for this part number: 8K0937517.  Prices range anywhere between $10 and $30 bucks depending on the style/model of Audi you pick.

You can see where I put in the Negative Terminal

Update 11/8/2020

You can also buy the fuse from an Audi as well which is beefier than the OEM Nissan one. Below are the details:

Part Number: N10424906
Description: Audi Fuse box w/Fuse Battery Terminal – N10424906 – Genuine Audi
Price: $5.00-$6.00