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Hey Guys so my blower would make a lil rubbing noise so I went under there and cleaned it out. And might as well make a write up for all the n00bies out there. I saw a lot of pics for the 4th gen but not 5th so might as well do this.

1. Go ahead and open the glove box and start removing these bolts.

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Name: DSC07199.jpg Views: 338 Size: 67.3 KB

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2. These bolts are in the foot well.

Name: DSC07203.jpg Views: 244 Size: 116.7 KB

The next screw is under this panel. Go ahead and remove the plastic nut (pictured)

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Name: DSC07215.jpg Views: 288 Size: 239.6 KB

3. Now just give a gentle pull and the glove box should give way you will see two harnesses. Remove them. One is the light. It would be smarter to just move the clips on the yellow one. DONT UNPLUG THE YELLOW HARNESS THAT IS YOUR AIRBAG.

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4. Now if youre looking for the blower heres what screws to remove.

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5. For the cabin air filter just remove the clip.

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I hope this helps all you guys! Good luck with all your mods fixes and everything. INSTALLATION IS REVERSAL OF REMOVAL GOOD LUCK GUYS

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