Last Updated: 11/15/2020 @ 05:38 am

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My passenger side axle was bad. It was aftermarket but not sure of the brand (likely Advanced Auto). I was looking for OEM axles either from 6thgen Maxima or Altima but could not find them easily. So I decided to buy these axles in the meantime. Once I get an OEM axle, I will swap back over because I honestly prefer OEM axles on my Maximas.

Initial Review (11/16/2019): When driving over 30MPH,  I do feel some vibrations. It’s not very extreme but still vibrates enough to be annoying. I can live with it for now until I get an OEM. If you have an emergency and need an Axle, this is a good route to go to get you back on the road.

Order Link:
Price: $72.92 (Free shipping over $75. No core charges)

OPparts CV Axle Shaft  (Passenger Manual 6-Speed Transmission)
Part Number: 40738026
Cross References: 8006N NI10502


Photo’s of OLD vs NEW (Old Axle was aftermarket, not sure what brand)