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Owner: Carlos Marinaka guapoman2000

Year: 2000
Model: Maxima
Color: Tan
Engine: VQ30DE
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
Trim: GLE


  • Okay good people! Finally got my 2000 Nissan Maxima GLE back from the Pro Mechanic Shop (Ruben’s Tire, Altamonte Springs, Florida) and it has been there since September 26, 2022 and until today November 8th, 2022. Yes, 43 days but, to replace an Engine with a newer one you need lots of patience as this is a 22-year old car!
  • As you proceed in removing and placing parts here and there you realize that the “PROJECT” is better off with new parts instead of reusing the old in some circumstances and this is why it took the amount of time. Also, I insisted in Genuine Nissan Parts such as the new Thermostat, Water pump and Rear Main Seals and many other small and large gaskets.
  • The Maxima with this newer Engine (Certified to have only 130,000 miles) is performing spectacular! I can already see an improvement in Gas mileage and acceleration is exhilarating! I like to thank all at Ruben’s Tire at Altamonte Springs, Florida for having patience with me and taking great care of my car during Hurricane Ian.
  • The hard planning and work acquiring new parts paid off as it rides smooth without any rattles or vibrations! One BIG reason I decided to keep it and replace this Engine is because two years ago new suspension parts were installed such as the Front and Rear Struts, Lower Control Arms with Bushings and lateral links. New brakes all around and many more items.
  • The original Engine suffered a front main seal Blow-Out and most of the Oil left along with the Oil Pressure sending unit announcing low Oil Pressure and most recent about three months ago the Engine’s Thermostat stuck CLOSED and over-heated the Engine.
  • The original estimate was for $2,000 US for Removing the Damaged Engine and Installing a newer one from JDM Motors. I found the newer Engine from JDM Engines (Auto & Truck LLC) located in Orlando, Florida. This is mostly imported Engines from Japan (Used).However, due to my own directions about installing:
    1. New Half Moon Seals at the upper Oil Pan / Cavity.
    2. New Rear Main Seal assembly. (Genuine Nissan Part)
    3. New Water Pump. (Genuine Nissan Part)
    4. New Thermostat. (Genuine Nissan Part)
    5. New Oil Pan (lower) gasket.
    6. New Frontal Crank Seal.
    7. New Valve Cover Gaskets.
    8. Many more O-Ring Seals & Gaskets.
    9. New Radiator.
    10. Intake Manifold Gasket.


  • The grand total came to $2,635.85 which reflects a $250 discount as I played part in sourcing many parts myself and burned the gasoline to retrieve them from Auto Parts store using my Commercial Account. Oh, the certified Engine was $525 which is included in the grand total price.
  • I called around to at least three AAA certified Auto Repair shops (PRO) and two of them turned me down and the one quoted me a whopper of $5,650 large ones! You might say that for someone like me over 60-years old and no longer have my mechanic partner as he became blind, I did pretty good negotiating a super deal.
  • Again, I decided to keep the 2000 Maxima because it had previous maintenance such as complete suspension replacement up front and rear which consisted of Lower Control Arms, lateral links, Struts, Springs etc… etc…. Hope this helps.



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