Owner: Bishnu Dinanauth

Year: 2000
Model: Maxima
Color: Black
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

Ok, I started with my 5th gen kit and had to use to the 5th gen piping. This piping was nice and clean but I could not use an open air BOV since the MAF was on the uncharged side any air lost thereafter was registered as a leak and the car would stall. It was time to get creative and try to make some changes.

This setup was nice for a very dependable and worry-free boost application, I just think all that piping made the blower choke and not deliver to its full potential, mainly because of all the bends on the piping.

This is the way it is now, it is still not complete but its %85 there

My MAF is not going to stay this way. A member on here(absoundlab) is helping me out with a 3in MAF housing to make the 5th gen MAF capable of registering all the air that is going by. This pic is just the initial mock-up and not the final product, as I said before it’s only 85% done.

As for the supercharger air inlet, I used 3in piping and a 3in Fujita filter to make things work. I had to cut the part of the car where the windshield tank comes up and make the hole bigger to pass the pipe. Cutting this part of the car is not going to hurt it structurally.

3″ Piping

This is how the filter sits…..


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