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Tools Needed:

The first thing u wanna do is remove your intake to get some room

Then u need to hook a rubber hose to the bleeder valve on the slave and put the other end in a bottle to catch brake fluid.

Go ahead and open that bleeder 10mm take the cap of the master cylinder reservoir and let it drain out crack the upper bleeder open 12mm to speed up the process.

Then you wanna remove the slave cylinder (2 14mm bolts). You could probably leave it on to remove the old hose from it but it seems easier to remove the whole slave if you have a strut bar remove the driver side (3 14mm nuts) for room.

Once you get that out of the way go ahead and remove the 12mm bolt on the slave to remove the old hose then move up to the master cylinder.

Remove the old hard-line from the master cylinder 10mm. It’s tight right there but I managed it then you can hook the new ss line to the master cylinder mine was an 11mm nut yours may differ.

Then route the line where u want it and install the other end to the slave cylinder.

Once u do that you can do one of two things leave the old clutch lines on the car or remove them. I took mine out looks cleaner. I took some pics but remove them from the car is pretty easy here are the pics disconnect this

Remove the 2 10mm bolts here

There is a junction box right under the brake master cylinder where all this junk meets just unbolt and remove.

Now you need to bleed the line once that’s done enjoy a clutch line u shouldn’t need to replace.

Now let me say this I can deff feel a difference. wife drove it and says that the clutch pedal feels a lot tighter and more responsive best 25 bucks I spent. I recommend this mod to anyone with a 5 speed.


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