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I wanted to add a sequential shift light to my 2002 Nissan Maxima. After doing some research, I decided to go with the Ecliptech Shift-P2 Shift Light Light. Pretty simple and straightforward to install. I ordered it from the link below and these guys shipped it out super-fast. Would recommend ordering from them if you choose to go this route. It was super easy to install as well.

Order Link:
Price: $219.00

Shift-P2 - Ecliptech


  • You get smooth and consistent anticipation of your shift point.
  • It reduces driver workload and fatigue, both in sprint races and endurance events.
  • It provides drivers with reference points for performance.
  • You can achieve consistent staging RPM for standing starts & launches – so no more watching the tacho on the start line!
  • In enduro events, you can manage your fuel by short-shifting at an indicated point below the peak RPM.
    You can improve your lap time consistency and get up to speed at new tracks and with new suspension setups faster.
  • Eliminate unnecessary engine/transmission wear by keeping the RPM within the range you want, without bouncing off the limiter.
  • A good progressive RPM display can give you what you don’t have… a gauge in your peripheral vision showing the range of RPM you’re interested in! It gives you a reference for improving performance and building on skills. For example, maintaining staging RPM while concentrating on race start, smooth anticipated shift points and maintaining corner entry pace.


  • RPM (Blue) –> PIN 34 on ECU (Green/White Wire)
  • Switched 12V (Red)
  • Ground (Black)

ECU Pinout:

Demo Video:

Product Feature & Walkthrough from Manufacturer


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