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Symptom (when turning the ignition switch to START)

Likely Cause

No Crank, No Nothing (not even dashboard lights)If the car starts with a boost, then the battery is bad. If not, suspect the ignition switch, the battery cables, fuses, or ground/power distribution.
No Crank, just a Faint ClickBad PNP switch, or Clutch Interlock, or Inhibitor Relay or fuse #20 (AT) or fuse #21 (M/T), both in the Fuse Block.
No Crank, but the Starter Clicks or Spins very fastBad starter or starter solenoid
Cranks But No Start (starter cranks, but the engine does not fire up)If the red secuirty light is ON during cranking, then this is a NATS problem. Otherwise, bad Camshaft Sensor, or bad ENG CONT1 fuse (in Fusible Link and Fuse Box), or bad/no fuel delivery.
Engine Starts, then DiesBad MAF, IACV, Cam/Crank sensors, Coils, or Injectors stuck flooding.


Fuse/Relay Box Locations:

  • Fuse Block (J/B): Lower dash panel, by driver’s left hand
  • Fusible Link and Fuse Box: Engine compartment, driver side, next/left to battery
  • Relay Box 1: Engine compartment, pasenger-side, next to P/S
  • Relay Box 2: Just behind front driver-side light