Credit: Will Swope

For all those wondering, you can make a Mishimoto 350z/G35 oil cooler work on a maxima! Of course there are a few modifications needed.

  1. I cleaned up a few bolt holes already on the cross member already tapped to m6x1.0 for the bracket to bolt to. The one supplied by Mishimoto had to be redrilled for the one hole to line up.
  2. I had to use a 2″ hole saw to open up the pass through for the PS lines on the 4th gens for the -10an lines to go through. Then put some plastic door edging around the cut so it doesn’t rub through the lines.
  3. The kit comes with a 4′ and 5′ line but I needed a little bit longer line to work with the 180° fitting I purchased. While not ideal I used the 180° to get it out of the way of the tire as much as possible. The 245’s would rub it a bit with a 90° fitting when fully turned to the left. I got 6′ of -10an braided and and cut it down to 5.5′, the 4′ line worked fine
  4. Purchase some hose separators and zip ties to keep the lines out of the way of anything dangerous. Now you’re done!

Now is this necessary? Not really, but because of the cattman designed headers I couldn’t run my extended stillen oil pan. This helps get a little more capacity to the system. I also noticed that it does seem to be working. When the car is up to temp I can put my hand on the cooler through the bumper and feel it significantly warmer than anything around it. I also opted for the thermostatic cooler since I run the car in the winter and dont want the oil to be too cold.


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