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Community Member Credit: Nismo3112 / vsamoylov

Important Notes:

  • You will need the front valve cover from a 350z and modify the plenum to clear the hood. The FWD fwd valve cover on the driver’s side won’t work cause of the oil plug.
  • The Front Strut Bar does fit
  • You can use everything from your  2K2 including the ECU and Electronic TB
  • 350z Lower Intake is 350z with 350z injectors (Direct Bolt-on)
  • The Rails are the same but the injectors are different.
  • Most people won’t do this mod because of the hood clearance issue. But you can easily use a Hood Scoop.
  • The powerband is much smoother. The TPS piece is made out of a piece of sheet metal and aluminum.
  • Average Cost: Plenums: $180 Shipped / Welding: $100 / Misc supplies: $20

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