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Community Member Credit: ViperVadim / Eddy

This will allow you to use a newer Mass Airflow Sensor to your 1995-1999 Nissan Maxima.  This upgrade has been available for many years in the Maxima community. The newer MAF sensor is pretty much the same as 90% of the newer Nissan Models. Much cheaper and easier to find. You just need to be sure you also use the newer MAF housing when installing.

You can either get an OEM pigtail or use the one from eBay below. I went with the eBay pigtail which costs around $16 bucks shipped. The most important part is that you follow the pin order (wire colors do not really matter as long you follow pin order).

Pigtail eBay Link:

Important Note: In order to properly use this new MAF, your car will require tuning. The car will drive OK but your idle will be off and may fluctuate. If you’re preparing to get an ECU tune using stock ECU, make sure to let your tuner know so new MAF can be factored in.

For installing, you just need to match the wires as noted below. Very simple but please proceed with caution.

1995-1999 5thgen Maxima MAF Pinout

Pin 1: White = MAF signal (White)
Pin 2: Ground (Black)
Pin 3: +12v ( Red)

Separate IAT Sensor Plug
Pin 1: IAT Signal (Light Blue)
Pin 2: Ground (Black)

350z / Newer Maxima MAF Pinout

Pin 1: Blank
Pin 2: +12v (Yellow)
Pin 3: MAF Ground (Black)
Pin 4: MAF Signal (White)
Pin 5: IAT Signal (Blue)
Pin 6: IAT Ground (Red)

eBay MAF Pigtail

For reference, once you swap to this MAF… you can use MAF’s from any of the cars below. They all share the same exact MAF which makes this a better option.

350Z 2003-2008
370Z 2009+
Altima 2004+
Armada 2004+
Cube 2009-2012
Frontier 2005+
GTR 2009+
Maxima 2004+
Murano 2003+
NV1500 2012-2014
NV2500 2012-2014
NV3500 2012-2014
NV200 2013-2015
Pathfinder 2005+
Quest 2004+
Rogue 2008+
Sentra 2004+
Titan 2004+
Versa 2008+
Xterra 2005+
EX35 2008+
EX37 2011+
FX35 2003+
FX37 2013+
FX45 2005-2008
FX50 2009-2013
G25 2011+
G35 2004-2007
G37 2008+
JX35 2013+
M35 2006-2010
M37 2011+
M45 2006-2010
M56 2011+
Q45 2005-2006
Q50 2014+
Q60 2014+
Q70 2014+
QX50 2014+
QX56 2004+
QX60 2014+
QX70 2014+
QX80 2014+