Last Updated: 02/10/2020 @ 01:09 pm

As many of you are aware, Raxles no longer makes axles for Maximas. The best option these days is to go with rebuilt OEM.

2004-2006 6thgen 6-Speed axles will fit in the 2002-2003 5thgens. All you need is the bracket for the passenger side, no other mods required. The 6thgen axles are “beefier” than the 5thgen axles. I definitely consider it an “upgrade” similar to the 5.5 vs 6thgen BBK discussions.

Make sure if you are using a 6thgen axle that you swap the bracket too. At glance, it may look similar but it’s slightly different. If you try to use the 5.5 axle bracket on 6thgen…. you will be doing the job again.

If you are in NYC or NJ, you can build 6thgen Axles and get them rebuilt here:

Axle Lengths:

  • 6thgen Passenger: 39.5″ vs 5thgen Passenger: 39.3″
  • 6thgen Driver: 24.4″ vs 5thgen Driver: 24.5″

Axle Comparisons: 

This was the aftermath of my aftermarket Axle before going 6thgen OEM on my 5.5 Supercharged Max. No vibrations at all with the 6thgen Axle.