Member Credit: maximaboy12

Hey Guys since I have not seen a thread like this and thought maybe some nOObs will like to have something like this. This fix is not hard be prepared to get dirty.

Tools Needed:

  1. Small Ratchet set with a swivel head. (Preferably) 10mm
  2. Pan or something to catch the coolant.
  3. Pliers
  4. Flat Head Screwdriver
  5. Flashlight

Step 1: Let your car cool down. DO NOT open the cap while the engine is hot.

Step 2: Take off the radiator cap. Once the car is cool unplug the coolant reservoir.

Step 3: Start to take of the 2 hoses attached to the T-Stat. You will need the pliers to take off the clamps and a flat head to slide off the hoses.

***** There are 2 ways to do this you can either flush your coolant or do like I did and just open up the hoses and catch all the coolant in a pan underneath the car.*****

Step 4: Remove all the bolts holding the T-Stat in. I believe there are 3. This is where the ratchet comes in. It really would be good if you have a smaller set with a swivel head.

**** The Third Bolt is under this elbow****
Step 5: Take out the T-Stat and replace with new one and the new gasket dont forget to put a lil sealent on the gasket. A new OEM T-Stat on ebay runs for about $25 Bucks shipped.

Step 6: Refill your radiator. If your coolant has bits and lil pieces of trash pour new coolant in. You dont want that crap in your engine.

Step 7: Turn the car on and blast the heat. Check for leaks.