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Please Note: This is in reference to the 6-Speed Manual Maxima’s.

What does HLSD Stand for?

HSLD Stand for Helical Limited Slip Differential

What is it and what does it do?

It is a limited-slip allowing power to be fed to both wheels when wheel slippage is felt. You can feel it kick in when you burn out….you ever notice how cars tend to turn to one side…well on yours…you should just pull straight.

How do you know if you have a factory 6-Speed HSLD?

The identification for the engine and transmission is located under the hood on the firewall in the form of a thin aluminum plate. The engine code will read: VQ35(DE)

If you have a 6 speed with an open diff the code will be: RS6F51A

The last letter A means open diff. Open diff is just the regular factory transmission without HSLD.

If you have a 6 speed with a Helical Limited-slip Differential the code will be: RS6F51H

The last letter H means Helical.

Important Note: The 6-Speed Manual Axles are the same for either open diff or HLSD. The automatics are the ones that are different.


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