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I just swapped my Walbro 255 Fuel Pump to an AEM 340LPH because I wanted something better suited for E85. I  also did not like the “whine” noise on the Walbro. The AEM 340 does not have the whining noise and works great. I also replaced my fuel filter. Nissan says that it is a “lifetime” part and never needs to be replaced. I disagree with that especially seeing how dirty and filthy my fuel filter looked. It’s very simple to change and the filter costs less than $30 bucks. This is just a reference post and not really a how-to on the AEM pump. I also added links to reputable AEM dealers where you can get it from on eBay. We recommend ordering from them as their pumps are 100% authentic (lots of fakes out there).

Fuel Pump Part Numbers:

  • 50-1200 (Price – $116.00 Shipped)
    This is the one used in this write-up. Works 100% perfectly fine with no issues. There is some minor trimming needed at the bottom of the sender. This is the same exact process for the folks that have ever installed a Walbro 255. So the trimming is not specific to this pump at all.

    Order Link:

  • 50-1220 (Price – $116.00 Shipped)
    This one is a newer design from AEM that fits directly with no trimming. It is smaller in size but appears to work just the same. This was highlighted by a fellow EVO member who has a Maxima. While you will see the 50-1220 is specifically for 02-07 WRX STI / EVO X / GTR, it will work fine in the Maxima. We personally have not used it as the 50-1200 worked perfectly fine.

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Recommend OEM Replacement Part Numbers: 

  • Fuel Filter Part Number: 16400-2Y505 (Price – $25.00)
  • Fuel Pump Sending Unit O-Ring: 17342-01A00 (Price – 16.00)

New OEM Filter vs Old Filter (Likely never been changed)

I cut the old filter so you can see how dirty and filthy it is. 

Fuel Pump Differences (#50-1200 Used for This Write-up)