Wheels & Tires


Credit: Saulo Garcia

I bought a set of  Motegi Racing MR131 Traklite Bronze Wheels. The spec of them are 18×9 +35. In the front I am running 255/40/18 Firehawks Indy 500 and in the rear I went cheap and got some used 255/35/18 Bridgestone P{otenzas. I had to run a 3mm spacer in the front to clear my Brembo BBK.


The Nismo 57F is manufactured by world-famous wheel manufacturer Rays Wheels Japan. One of the first companies to pioneer cold-forging wheel technology, Rays Wheels are exceptionally high quality wheels. Rays wheels are used by car manufacturers for their high-end sports cars, such as the Skyline GT-R, Subaru STI, 350Z Track / Nismo editions, etc.

The Nismo 57F is a premium cold forged wheel manufactured from this cold forging technology. In 18×8.5 the wheels weigh in at a feather-light 17.8lbs without compromising strength. That’s about 5-7lbs lighter than OEM Altima / Maxima wheels. There are many 800+HP cars running the 57F forged wheels. Even on these big torque/ big horsepower applications there are no cracking or separation issues as seen recently with some other “name brand” wheels costing many times more.

Wheel Specs:

  • Part Numbers: 4030S-RSL1010 (Silver) / 4030S-RSL1020 (Bronze)
  • Size: 18×8.5
  • Bolt Pattern: 5×114.3
  • Offset: +45
  • Bore: 66mm
  • Color: Silver/Bronze

Below are the factory rim and tire specifications for Nissan 350z/370z models which are commonly installed on the 5thgen Nissan Maxima.

350z Touring V2

Front Wheels: 18×8 +30MM
Front Tires: 225/45/18
Weight: 24.4lbs

Rear Wheels: 18×8.5 +33MM
Rear Wheels: 245/45/18
Weight: 25.8lbs

2008 350Z

370z Base:

Front Wheels: 18×8 +43MM
Front Tires: 225/50/18

Rear Wheels: 18×9 +15MM
Rear Wheels: 245/45/18


370z Sport:

Front Wheels: 19×9 +47MM
Front Tires: 245/40/19

Rear Wheels: 19×10 +30MM
Rear Wheels: 275/35/19

370z NISMO

Front Wheels: 19×9.5 +40MM
Front Tires: 245/40/19

Rear Wheels: 19×10.5 +23MM
Rear Wheels: 285/35/19

Wheel Specs: 17×10 +38
Tire Specs: 275/40/17

Wheels: 18×9.5 +38 2
Tires: 45/45/18

Wheels: Front 17×9 / Rear 17×9.5

Wheels: 18×9.5 +15

Wheels: 18×9.5 +38 All-Around
Tires: 245/45/18 All-Around

Credit: Joseph Nismo Jones


  • Brakes came off of a ’14 Q50S. I bought the Akebono adapters for a G35/350z and had to modify my cast iron hubs and machined the 14″ rotors down a 1/4 inch. They’re noticeably better than my OEM brakes. And yes, they’re better than Brembo.