mySER 05-06


Owner: Kevin Brown

Year: 2005
Model: Altima
Color: Black
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE-R


Mod List:

  • Gen3 VQ35DE Engine Swap
  • Tuned by AdminTuning (305WHP)
  • JWT Clutch & Flywheel
  • Lightweight Pulley
  • AdminTuning Intake (3.5”)
  • Manzo Headers w/ Test Pipe From Y-Pipe
  • 3” Piping w/ Vibrant Resonator Back Into 2.5” Vibrant Mufflers
  • Solid Motor Mounts & Shifter Bushings

Owner: Justin Batista

Year: 2005
Model: Altima
Color: Black
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE-R

Dyno Numbers:

  • All Motor: 327.9 WHP / 269 TQ
  • Supercharged: 410 WHP / 335 TQ

Dyno Sheets

All Motor: 327.9 WHP / 269 TQ

Supercharged: 410 WHP / 335 TQ

Mod List:

  • Fully Built VQ35DE Engine
  • 96mm Wiseco Pistons
  • Eagle rods
  • Calico Coated ACL Bearings and Thrust Bearings
  • ARP Main Studs
  • ARP L19 Head Studs
  • Cometic Head Gasket
  • Ferrea 6000 Series Valves
  • Supertech Double Valve Springs
  • 6-Speed Manual LSD Transmission with an Upgraded 4.428 Final Drive
  • Speed Force Racing SFR Upper Intake Manifold
  • MP90 Gen 4 Magnuson/Eaton Supercharger (Custom Fitted to Altima)
  • UpRev Tuned
  • Brembo Front/Rear Calipers
  • RC 440 Injectors
  • Aeromotive Fuel Pump
  • Aluminum Mishimoto Radiator
  • Mishimoto Race Series Intercooler
  • Tial Blow-off Valve
  • Custom Intercooler 3″ Piping
  • Enkei RPF1 Wheels

Community Member Credit: Ksnelgrove

I just installed these aluminum valve covers on my 5thgen Maxima. AND YES, THEY ARE ALUMINUM! The brand is MITZONE. They are well-made and come with gaskets. I have no leaks or problems so far. They are also very sturdy/solid vs. the crap plastic stuff. Highly recommend.

eBay Description: ALUMINUM Valve Cover Kit for 02-09 NISSAN Altima Maxima Murano Quest I35 3.5L
Price: $87.99-$95.00 (Shipped)
Order Links Below:

OEM Part Numbers (These can cost over $400+):

  • 6thgen Front: 13264-ZA30A (Price: $197.18)
  • 6thgen Rear: 13264-7Y000 (Price: $197.18)


  • 2002-2004 Infiniti I35 V6
  • 2002-2006 Nissan Altima 3.5L V6
  • 2002-2008 Nissan Maxima 3.5L V6
  • 2003-2007 Nissan Murano 3.5L V6
  • 2004-2009 Nissan Quest 3.5L V6

Installed Photo:

OEM Price Reference ($450 Shipped)

Stripped to Reveal Aluminum


Gallery of Maxima with VQ35DE Kinetix Intake Manifolds.


Our 350z Fuel Rails are machined from billet T6061 Aluminum stock. The rail has a larger bore diameter than stock, allowing fuel flow to increase 350% more over stock (as seen above). The rail comes clear anodized to help protect against the elements. The rail is tapped to accept dash 6 fittings. Our rails are unique in the fact that you can either use your stock injectors or use taller aftermarket bosch style injectors to upgrade your fuel system. The rail comes with four dash 6 O-ring to dash 6 AN fittings, aluminum spacers to allow use with either style injectors, and stainless button head hardware.

Important Note: These fuel rails fit the 2002-2008 VQ35DE Nissan Maxima. Additionally, 350z injectors fit on Maxima rail with no issue. A 350z rail is not needed if just changing the injectors.

Price: $175.00
Order Link:

Owner: Terrance Herrera

Year: 2005
Model: Altima
Current Color: Smoke
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE-R

Mod List:

  • 1st Gen VQ35DE
  • Kinetix Intake Manifold
  • NWP 75mm Throttle Kit
  • NWP Intake Manifold thermal Spacers
  • OEM GTR Injectors
  • Quantum Fuel Pump (E85 Compatible)
  • Custom Fuel Rails & Fuel Return System with External Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Audi/Volkswagen Coilpack conversion.
  • OBX Headers mated to Custom Turbo Up-Pipe.
  • Custom Intercooler Piping
  • Universal Oil Cooler Kit
  • Custom 3″ Single Exit Exhaust System
  • Red Lion Racing Engine Mounts
  • Boost Junkies Gtx3582r, 44mm Wastegate, Blow off Valve & Vacuum Manifold
  • Oem HLSD Upgrade
  • Fidanza Single Mass Flywheel
  • Spec Stage 3 Clutch Kit
  • Unorthodox Racing Crank Pulley
  • 350z Brembo Front & Rear Brakes
  • Megan Racing 3-Way Adjustable Coilovers
  • SPC Rear Toe Arms
  • Racing Line Traction Arms
  • Greddy Profec B Boost Controller
  • Tuned By Richard Williams aka “Dry” On UpRev