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For those that have a y33 Cima and your key is the keyless remote as well, I finally got mine to work. My car came with a bad transmitter key. I ordered a used key from Jauce auctions and then swapped the transmitter over to my key. I tried and tried to program the keyless portion like owners of most Nissans in the USA but I could never get into the programming mode.

On the JDM version, the programming mode begins when the doors unlock, the hazards never flash like the US models. I have attached a screen shot of the programming instructions I followed and it worked first time. Unfortunately, the separate fob did not work.



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Picture 1 shows where the buzzer is, but this box is the shift lock assembly. You can remove it by sliding it off of the metal tab. If you are unsuccessful then you can remove the lower dash piece and remove the bolt in picture 2 that is to the right of the park brake release.

Once removed you can see the part number. The US Q45 appears to have a shift lock assembly that uses a different plug so this would not help. However you can tape over the speaker on the grey box and greatly quiten it up. You could go farther by removing the circuit board and glueing over the buzzer hole. It appears like you could unsolder this buzzer or break it open and cut the wire to the buzzer. However I haven’t tried this and couldn’t promise it wouldn’t affect something else, and it’s possible the buzzer is used in some other warning capacity. I don’t have a wiring diagram and just pulled my dash apart looking.

If anyone is wondering, the solution I chose is leave it alone. I don’t mind the back up alarm and it’s what it came with from the factory. I would be tempted to add a toggle switch, but I don’t have a wiring diagram for the car. I am hoping to obtain one




Year: 2003
Model: M45 Y34 Converted to Mitsuoka Galue
Make: Infiniti
Current Color: Black
Transmission: Automatic

“Galue” means “my own style”. Doesn’t matter, if it is being childish, just follow your own philosophy. “Galue” is a beautiful way to live.

Mitsuoka Galue – 2nd generation

The Galue-II was based on the Nissan Cedric Y34 and Gloria Y34 hardtops. (The Cedric and Gloria were very similar in styling and mechanicals.) The mechanicals were taken from the Cedric; 2.5-litre and 3-litre V6 VQ-series petrol engines were offered. Production ran from 1999 to 2005, when the Cedric and Gloria were replaced by the Fuga; Mitsuoka then replaced the Galue-II with the Galue-III.


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I have exciting information that will help you all that are trying to convert your multi AV into the regular AC controls so you can add in the double din stereo and have your ac controls still work. This reference will be from my 1996 Y33 Cima. I believe the same Y33 Cedric and Gloria’s are the same. But not entirely sure so you’ll have to look at yours to compare before trying this.

What a pain in the ## it was trying to find all the info and help (no help) from others. I asked many people about this since it wasn’t very clear in the instructions from Japan even after translating them. I finally found a cool dude Kevin O’Leary who helped me troubleshoot and find the right connectors. He had done it the super hard way and didn’t have the harness but was telling me which wires he used. Please give this man a follow on Instagram!! He deserves it!! My IG is @awwwthentic.

Keywords: Y33 Cima Cedric Gloria multi remove pon attaching air conditioner removal Harness

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Credit: Luis Rafael Guerrero

Yes, you will lose the ability to adjust the AC if the screen goes out. Most will opt for a double din faceplate where the controls are independent from the infotainment system. They also have a harness that makes the double din faceplate largely plug & play. I have the exact same unit as the author in working order but want the ability to put in an aftermarket stereo. I sourced this from a Cedric as it will allow me to still use the rear air purifier. You can also use a regular Gloria one if you don’t care about the purifier. PM me if you want details on where to get yourself one.


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So I thought I’d use the factory Navigation unit that didn’t come in my 01 and make some use of it for the looks. I integrated my Garmin navi in place of the original touch screen, installed some of my own LED’s as well and it turned out better than I imagined. Given it’s more for looks than anything I wanted to use the factory Navi but didn’t want to rewire the A/C and everything and this was the easiest. Now just need to buy a single din and I’m set.


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Did my z32 brake conversion. I have a 1996 gloria, with the vq30det. I only needed to add one tiny washer for spacing, I’m pleased. My heat Shields were already gone, and I used the 240 conversion lines. I did not have to trim bolts, or sleeves, or anything. I used the 30mm aluminum calipers. The factory calipers are so much smaller! I’ll do the rears eventually, the rotors back there are new from the PO in Japan.

Additional Notes:

  • You can do this with the g35 brembo which is a straight bolt in ,you do need shorter bolt for the caliper