my7thgen 09-15


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If you are having issues opening your trunk, you can use the emergency inside trunk release lever. It glows in the dark so you can easily find it.

How to Fix

You can try checking the wires shown below to see if any are broken. Many owners have resolved their issues by re-splicing any broken wires. This appears to be a common issue.

You can also try to check this button as well.

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1. Remove the screen surround by pulling and prying with a plastic interior “popper”. As you can see there are quite a few clips. There are 3 plugs onto the back of this. Undo them and put this aside. (Pic below is completed so disregard the black wire you will not have this until it is complete)

2. Next remove the 2 black screws at the top of bottom portion of the stereo.

3. Now pull on this to release 4 clips that hold this on. There is one plug at the bottom of this. unplug and set aside.

4. Now the actual stereo is exposed (silver box). It is held in with 4 screws. Remove there and pull it out. For the bottom left screw you may have to put your transmission in neutral to get a good angle on it. MAKE SURE YOUR PARKING BRAKE IS ON AND YOUR ARE ON LEVEL GROUND!

5. The connector you are looking for is the BIGGEST ONE. It is located on the bottom left hand (drivers) side of the stereo.

6. Cut the VSS wire. PURPLE/WHITE TRACER. Make sure you seal the ends to prevent shorting out. (I just quickly wrapped tape to make sure it worked before I permanently sealed the ends. This will eliminate the Speed Volume Control but I hated it anyways. so no biggy.

7. Next cut the EBrake wire. GREEN/RED TRACER. Ground the end that is coming out of the connector to the frame that holds the silver box (stereo) into the dash. I had to add an extra wire to get it to reach. (this will be soldered, again just quickly put together to make sure it worked).


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well, guys here it is…I did a write-up on it for anyone else looking to do this mod. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, This was really simple took me about 15 mins.

First, pop the plastic piece on side off

Second, pop off the plastic piece on the bottom of the steering wheel. Left side first!

Now go to the right side

You will then see a screw then holds the trim piece, unscrew with a Philips screwdriver

Next, gently pop out the trim piece to gain access to the ignition switch

Next, put your hand behind the ignition switch and push out GENTLY!

Unplug the switch

Plug your GT-R one in

Screw back the screw

Pop in all the plastic triming

And you are finished! Here are the pics