my6thgen 04-08


Owner: Jordan Silversmith

Year: 2004
Model: Maxima
Color: White
Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic
Trim: SE


  • My parents purchased the car brand new off the lot in 2004. They swapped the stock stuff for Eibach springs, stainless brake lines, Injen intake, and wheels, then drove it for about 14 years with about 260k miles.
  • I got the car from them and did quite a bit more to it. I really loved (and hated) the car and was sad to see it go, but, moving to Japan, I didn’t need it anymore and a JDM car was more alluring.
  • Cheers to all those building this underappreciated car!

Mod List:

  • “HR” Swapped with a 2014 Altima VQ35DE
  • Redlion Rear Motor Mount
  • Nisformance Tuned ECU
  • Ported Maxima Intake
  • Grounding Kit
  • Optima  Battery
  • Mishimoto Radiator
  • Injen Cold Air Intake
  • Automatic Transmission built by LEVEL10 (Stronger Internals)
  • 2500 Stall Speed
  • 1st Gear Lockout Removed
  • Aftermarket Trans Cooler
  • “Dress up”  Bolt Kit for Fenders
  • Trenz Grille
  • Eibach Springs
  • Motul Brake Fluid
  • Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Racingline Front Strut Bar
  • 18×9 +30 Mustang Steeda Wheels Painted Blue Pearl over White
  • LED Everything
  • Turn signals are “switchbacks” white when running, amber when flashing
  • “Ruby reds” Tail Lights
  • Roof Spoiler
  • Stillen Body Kit
  • 35% Expel XR plus Window Tint


Community Member Credit: EddyMaxx

My Racing Line End Links finally have up again for the second time. So I decided to switch over to the Moog. I got the fronts for about $50 from Advanced Auto Part using an online coupon code. Don’t get me wrong, the racing line ones were good for the time they lasted. I just didn’t expect them to break off like which is very dangerous on the highway and can cause you to lose control.

Parts Info from

  • MOOG K90352 Front Left $18.82
  • MOOG K90353 Front Right $18.97

Thanks to Kirill, we just ordered a set of “Street” Selector Springs for our 2002 6-Speed Supercharged 5thgen Maxima. Will post a review afterward. The owner Peter will get back to you quickly. This is only for the manual FWD RS6 6-Speed  and RS5 5-Speed Transmissions. Also, if you are having issues with reverse just make sure the spring cup on the larger spring is not upside down.

Overview & Purpose from Vision1Racing

From the factory, Nissan utilizes two springs within the transmission to “center” the shifter in the 3/4 gate. These OEM springs are very weak and often cause 3rd gear lockout issues when attempting to quickly shift. This is simply due to the driver overpowering the spring’s ability to line up the shift mechanism in the 3rd gear fork. VisionOneRacing offers two kits to fit the driver’s needs.

Our Street Kit is 200% stiffer than the factory and provides a nice, crisp feel. This is truly how it should have come from the factory. Our Race Kit utilizes a higher grade spring steel and is over 300% stiffer than the factory. This will provide the necessary “kick” to the shifter when slamming them gears down the track.

Both kits have received excellent feedback and have propelled the V1R Sentra into the 9’s, being the first QR to do so. They have also helped send the all-motor Maxima into the 10’s with many other success stories along the way!

It’s also worth noting that I highly recommend aftermarket shifter bushings when using our Race Kit. These can be had from 2J Racing among others.

Price Options: Street Kit $45.00 / Race Kit $60.00

Order Link:

Installation Instructions: V1R Shift Selector Springs – Nissan 5/6spd F51

Installation Video:

Scanned Installation Instructions:

Overview & Purpose from Vision1Racing

Brand new to the market is our HD Detent Kit for the Nissan RS6F51 transmission! Add confidence and enjoyment to your driving experience with these affordable and easy to install springs. Over 70% stiffer than OEM, the V1R HD Detent Kit provides the driver with the positive feedback desired with every gear change.

We have custom tailored each spring to not only increase the performance of your transmission, but also to combat the sloppy reverse feel that is far too common. This kit is suitable for any vehicle – from the daily driver to weekend warrior. Be sure to couple these with Vision One Racing Shift Selector Springs for the ultimate transmission experience!

Price: $39.99

Order Link:

Overview & Purpose from Vision1Racing

The Diamond Claw® Crank Lock utilizes precisely sized CBN particles with a hardness of 10,000 Vickers that effectively LOCK your flywheel and harmonic damper in place. With a thickness of only .008″ – Driveline alignment remains unaffected.

Previously only available for the most common platforms – including the Nissan GTR, Vision One Racing remains focused on bringing these solutions to the entire Nissan family. Protect your most expensive and crucial components with this small yet powerful addition! At an affordable cost, the Diamond Claw will be reusable for virtually the entire life of your engine.

When modifying engines and pushing them beyond their designed capabilities, harmonic vibrations are your worst enemy. Long strokes, balance shaft removal, increased RPM, single mass flywheels, turbocharged applications, and even higher compression all are capable of contributing to increased harmonics. These micro-vibrations often times cause surface welding (also known as “fretting”) on the crankshaft, flywheel and other expensive components.

The V1R Diamond Lock® helps to prevent flywheel bolts from backing out with increased RPM and power output. In the event that the flywheel does become loose and begin to vibrate against the crank, the Diamond Claw® can help protect the crankshaft and prevent further damage.

We’ve seen firsthand the detrimental effects that fretting can pose – sometimes even destroying a crankshaft beyond use. While mitigation techniques have been around for ages, nothing has proven to fully prevent this anomaly… UNTIL NOW!

Price: $129.99 (Flywheel/Damper)

Order Link:

Installation Instructions: V1R Diamond Claw® Crank Lock

Community Member Credit: Eddy

I was on the hunt for nice and elegant Airlift 3P controller. There were many online but just not a good fit for the 6thgen Maxima. Finally I found one that fit perfect using the cigarette lighter port. Mines did not cover with it so I ended just getting a shifter console on eBay that had it. Everything came out perfect and clean. It’s nicely tucked and visible.

Order Link:
Coupon Code:  LAYLOW15 (15% OFF)


Owner: Steven Mahabir

Year: 2004
Model: Maxima
Color: Tan
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
Trim: SL

Mod List:

  • Original Gen1 VQ35DE
  • 6.5 6thgen Front End Conversion
  • Elite Package Seats
  • Depo Black Housing Headlights
  • IPCW Tailights
  • BC BR Coilovers
  • 370Z Wheels
  • Fujita CAI
  • NWP 5 Piece Spacers
  • NWP Block Off Plate
  • CGR Ported Upper and Lower Intake Manifold
  • Manzo Headers, Vibrant Resonator, Nismo Catback