OG Maxima


Owner: Nick Gopaul aka @TLMNICK

Year: 1995
Model: Maxima
Color: Black Emerald (DJ2)
Transmission: Manual 5-Speed
Trim: SE

What motivated you to MOD your Maxima?

I’ve always loved the Nissan Maxima…specifically the 4th gen. When the 4th gen was first released in 1995, I liked it from then. When the first Fast and Furious movie came out, I was hooked on it. I bought mine from an older gentlemen, and joined Maxima.org, Torontomaxima.com, an NYCMaximas.org shortly after. After seeing all the builds, it wasn’t long before I started changing things, although they were mostly cosmetic for the longest time.

After owning it for almost 9 years, I decided that she needed to be faster, so I made it happen. – Nick Gopaul

Mod List:

  • Stock VQ30DE Motor
  • 00VI with 5thgen Injectors/Rail/Lower Intake
  • 4th gen IACV
  • V2 Vortech Supercharger (11psi)
  • Stillen Plate
  • Stillen Charge Pipe
  • Blitz BOV
  • K&N Pancake Filter
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
  • Mishimoto Aluminum Rad
  • Vibrant Silicon Vacuum Lines, and Couplers
  • Cat-less Y-Pipe
  • Magnaflow High-Flow Cat with full 3” Custom Exhaust
  • Mild Wire Tuck
  • Optima Yellow Top Battery
  • Solid Torque Mounts
  • Stock 5-speed Manual Transmission
  • 350Z Clutch
  • Rebuilt & Strengthened Axles

Suspension & Brakes:

  • Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilover Suspension Kit
  • Moog Lower Control Arms
  • Moog Swaybar End Links
  • Moog Tue Rod End
  • Custommaxima.com Front Strut Tower Brace
  • AADCO Rear Sway Bar
  • Wilwood 4-Piston BBK with 13” Rotors
  • Rear OEM Pads & Rotors
  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Synthetic Brake Fluid

Body & Interior

  • Front End Repaint (No More Stone Chips)
  • Full Front End Paint Protection Film Wrap
  • Full Stillen Lip Kit
  • Blacked-out Bumper Lights
  • Rear “David L” Red/Clears
  • Custom TLM Projector Retrofitted Headlights with “Nismo” Logo
  • 6k HIDs Top and Bottom
  • Crystal Corner Lights
  • 18% Tint All Around
  • Chrome Gauge Rings
  • Triple Gauge A-pillar Pod (AFR, Boost, Oil Pressure)
  • LED Converted Cluster and Climate Controls
  • COMPUSTAR 2-way Alarm System with Remote Start
  • Pioneer Premier Double Din Head Unit
  • Alpine Type-R Components Front/Rear
  • 3 Alpine Amplifier Setup


Owner: Jaime J Dajer‎

Year: 2002
Model: Maxima
Color: Silver
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
Trim: SE

Highlights: This is a one-of-a-kind 5thgen Nissan Maxima with a RIPP Mods supercharger fabricated to fit the VQ35DE. It is using a R.I.P.P V5 supercharger kit that came off a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT V6. It’s also using water meth injection. It made 339.7 WHP / 306.3 TQ on 440cc injectors at 98%, ignition retarded timing set at +11, 8 psi and a 2.6 pulley.



Owner:  Aaron Curtner aka 05SickSer

Year: 2005
Model: Altima
Color: Code Red to White Wrap
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE-R

Dyno Sheet – 528WHP / 443TQ

Car was having fuel issues during the 1/4 run. These were the best numbers for the day. It was fixed but never got to do another run.

Mod List:

  • Built 8.8:1 CR Short Block
  • Billet Main Girdle
  • ARP Main, Rod, L19 Head Studs
  • Revup Oil Pump
  • JWT S1 Cams and Valve Springs
  • ID1050x CC Injectors
  •  Walbro 485 Fuel Pump
  • AAM Stage 1 350z Fuel Return Kit
  • AAM Oil Pan Spacer
  • Uprev GT MAF
  • SSIM Manifold
  • 75mm BBTB Kit
  • NWP Spacer Kit
  • NWP Block-off Plate
  • GT3582R w/ Tial 1.03 A/R V Band Housing
  • Dual Tial 38mm MVS Wastegates


Owner: James aka “The Wizard”

Year: 1999
Model: Maxima
Color:  Charcoal
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

Mod List:


  • VQ30DE 3.0 liter engine
  • Stillen/Vortech Supercharger
  • Vortech 3.25” pulley (10 psi)
  • Vortech ‘Race’ BOV
  • Vortech Super FMU
  • Vortech Auxiliary fuel pump
  • Reclocked Blower and custom 3″ intake pipe
  • Silicone couplers and T clamps
  • Custom 3.5″ Cold Air Intake
  • Jackson Racing water to air aftercooler (AWAC)
  • Heat Exchanger and water pump for aftercooler
  • Vortech Ice Chest for aftercooler
  • MEVI
  • Carbon Fiber intake manifold cover
  • Carbon Fiber spark plug cover
  • Cattman Performance stainless steel headers
  • HPC Extreme 2000 ceramic coating on headers
  • Cattman Performance Fastcat
  • Cattman Performance Catback
  • Cattman Performance O2 simulator
  • Fidanza Flywheel
  • Exedy Stage II carbon clutch
  • Nismo radiator cap
  • Nismo oil filler cap
  • Odyssey PC680 lightweight battery

Wheels and Brakes:

  • 17″x 8” O.Z. UltraLeggera Rims (only 16 lb each)
  • Toyo Proxies T1-R 235/45/17 Z-rated tires
  • Brembo Gran Turismo BBK
  • Brembo cross-drilled rotors (rear) with Hawk HPS pads


  • Progress Coilovers
  • Progress rear Anti-sway bar
  • Cattman Performance Titanium front strut tower brace


  • Carbon Fiber front lip
  • Carbon Fiber side skirts
  • Carbon Fiber rear skirts
  • Carbon Fiber trunk
  • Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Carbon Fiber pillar trim
  • Custom hood pins
  • 35% tint all around
  • Black R34 one piece headlights
  • Black front turn signals
  • LED taillights with smoked turn signals


  • Lotek Triple gauge pillar pod
  • Custom steering cover gauge pod for A/F gauge
  • Carbon Fiber dash kit
  • Carbon Fiber instrument cluster
  • Carbon Fiber racing pedals
  • Carbon Fiber door sills
  • MOMO Carbon Fiber/leather shift knob
  • MOMO Carbon Fiber e-brake handle
  • Redline Goods leather shift boot
  • Redline Goods leather e-brake boot
  • Redline Goods leather armrest cover
  • B&M short throw shifter
  • I30 tilting headrests

I.C.E. and Sound:

  • Greddy Emanage Ultimate piggyback ECU
  • Autometer Electronic Boost gauge
  • Autometer Electronic Fuel Pressure gauge
  • Autometer Dual Intake Temperature gauge
  • Innovate Motorsports LC-1 O2 Wideband kit
  • Innovate Motorsports SSI-4 (RPM converter)
  • Innovate Motorsports Wideband XD-16 A/F gauge
  • Kenwood DDX 8017 DVD/CD head unit
  • Kenwood KNA-4100 Navigation system
  • Kenwood 12 disc KDC-CX87 12 Disc CD Changer


Owner: Abdala Fernandez

Year: 1997
Model: Maxima
Color: Sage Mist Green (FS0)
Transmission: Automatic 4-Speed
Trim: GLE

Article Credit: Aaron Litchfield

Imagine seeing this car lined up at the track.  At almost 20 years old and reconciled to shuffling grandma back and forth to church, most people don’t view a 1997 Maxima as a car that is a threat, or even a car that belongs at a drag strip.  Add on top of that the fact that it has an automatic transmission, and you are likely to incite more than a few laughs.  Abdala Fernandez, the owner and builder of this car, doesn’t care who is laughing at the beginning of the track, he is more concerned with who is laughing at the end, and more often than not, it’s him.

If the giant intercooler wasn’t a dead give-away, once you pop the hood you start to realize that this is a car that is very different from the stock 190whp grocery-getter Nissan designed.  The engine was swapped with a more powerful and lighter VQ35DE.  If that code looks familiar to you that is because it is the same engine code that you find in a 350z, just a front wheel drive version.  The bottom end is built with ACL HX bearings, and Eagle H beam rods matched with Weisco 8.8:1 Pistons. A Nissan Rev Up oil pump replaces the stock for more reliable oiling, and the 3.5 block has been bored slightly to 96mm.  The head bolts are stolen from a Nissan Juke, the headgasket is from a Vq35hr, the higher revving cousin of the VQ35DE.  This combo keeps the all-important contact between the head and the block going strong even under relatively high amounts of boost pressure.  The heads have been modified as well, VQ35HR valve springs replace their OEM counterparts and the valves have been lapped and adjusted by Abdala by grinding the buckets by hand.  An NWP torque link connects the engine to the actual frame of the car, reducing engine movement.

The intake manifold has been replaced with a MotorDyne MREV2, this was then modified with a Methanol/Water (50/50) dual nozzle injection, a Hobb pressure switch dictates when the methanol is released.  A MotorDyne 5/16 inch spacer separates it from the warmer lower intake manifold, and a NWP lower intake manifold spacer keeps the high heat of the engine block at bay.  This is a tried-and-true technique of using spacers to reduce intake air temperatures, and to distribute air through the pistons more effectively.

An Aeromotive A1000 fuel pressure regulator keeps the fuel flowing correctly from the trunk mounted fuel cell.  In addition to fuel, the fuel system is, as you can imagine, big.  1000cc Injector Dynamics fuel injectors mounted in an OBX fuel rail, pushed by a 450lph Walbro fuel pump gives this engine all the high-octane fuel it needs.  Abdala decided to score the injection “hat trick” and get nitrous on board as well.  A DynoTune nitrous system provides an 80whp wet shot of nitrous.  From a dig this helps spool the large turbo faster, and is the primary purpose for using the giggle gas.  Alternatively, should he deem it necessary, Emanage can let loose nitrous for the entire ¼ mile run.

The turbo is a BorgWarner S366 T4 Single Scroll .88AR pushing up to an impressive 21 pounds of boost, a Tial 50MM with a 15psi spring keeps the extra air venting into the atmosphere.  Because of its mounting position, the radiator has been replaced with a much smaller 2 core radiator out of a Del Sol.  A Treadstone Performance TR1035 intercooler keeps the compressed air chilled and dense.  Controlling all this madness is a Greddy Emanage Ultimate that is hooked into a Turbosmart boost controller via a Mac Solenoid for a custom electronic boost control set up. Tuning this creation is done by none other than Abdala himself.  Also, a J&S Ultra safeguard with matching knock gauge keep the engine safe by detecting even the faintest knock and disabling that specific cylinder until it can behave again.

The turbo manifolds are custom built by Abdala, and wrapped in titanium to help fight under hood temperatures. The car uses two downpipes, one used for the track which is a 3.5inch short pipe that exists the hood, hence the holes in the hood. For the street, a custom down pipe that routes to the back of the car then comes out of the passenger side rear door with a custom muffler that is based on a Dynomax VT.  This has baffling inside that is very quiet when there is slow airflow, once an increase in airflow occurs the flaps open and it becomes a straight through muffler.

The taboo automatic transmission is a stock 4 speed Maxima Automatic with an EdgeRacing Highstall Converter, (3500 stall) and a IPT Performance Transmissions valvebody upgrade.  A TRU-COOL MAX LPD47391 transmission cooler with two generic fans mounted on it is installed to keep the transmission cool. The cooler is mounted in stock gas tank position, hence the trunk mounted fuel cell.  The transmission is controlled by SupraStick v4, which is a standalone transmission control module.  A custom “manual shifter” which is a rod that sits near his right hand by the factory shifter allows him to easily pull on the rod to up shift, and push on it to downshift.  He also has a switch that sets the transmission to automatic mode for normal driving.  The TCM is also partly responsible for controlling the nitrous, when a shift is initiated it turns off the nitrous during the shift then activates it again in the next gear, this helps take load off the transmission and allows for easier shifts.

The suspension is handled by Tokico Illumina’s set to the firmest setting for improved launches. The front and rear springs are progress.  A progress rear sway bar keeps the car from getting out of line.  In keeping with the understated visuals, the wheels and tires are 17 inch rims from a 2002 Titanium Edition Maxima.  When he goes to the track a set of Mickey Thomson 24.5×8 slicks grace the front end of the car.  Hawk Hp+ brake pads are the only braking upgrade this sleeper needs.

The gauges that monitor this complicated engine are: Air/fuel, oil pressure (mechanical mounted on the hood of the car outside, visible from driver seat), coolant temperature, transmission temperature ( adjustable selection between coolant temperature/atf). J&S Ultra Safeguard knock gauge which shows knock counts and ignition retard.

The results of all this work and fabrication pay off with a blistering 11.326 second quarter mile time and a very respectable 127.15 mph trap speed.  Abdala admits that he is happy with the time, but won’t be satisfied with the build until he cracks the ten second mark.  With the amount of time and effort put into this car, it is just a matter of time until this sleepy old grocery getter achieves that goal, drops some jaws, breaks some hearts, and gives Abdala his last laugh.  If you want to follow this car and see it in action, check out Abdala’s appropriately named Instagram “Streetzlegend.”

Additional Photos:






Owner: Eddy

Year: 1998
Model: Maxima
Color: Black
Engine: 2020 Gen3 VQ35DE Maxima
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

Mod List:

Engine/ Performance :

  • 2020 Maxima Gen3 VQ35DE Engine Swap on 3.0 Timing
  • Custom Cam Gear Adapters (from Leonard Bellgardt IV)
  • VHR 370cc Injectors at ~51psi
  • Aeromotive Adjustable FPR Set at 51psi
  • 2003 Maxima 6-Speed Swapped
  • Sentra Spec V HLSD / Final Drive
  • Fidanza Flywheel
  • Southbend STG3+ clutch
  • Vortech V2 Supercharger
  • Matty’s V1 plate kit currently with a 3.25 pulley (9-10psi)
  • DW’s 600cc Injectors
  • OBX V2 Headers
  • Cattman 3″ Exhaust
  • Stillen Muffler
  • Pathfinder TB
  • Z32 MAF
  • Mishimoto Radiator, Hoses and 160* thermostat
  • Mishimoto Limited Edition Gold Intercooler
  • Obsidian Black Engine Bay
  • Rear Sway Bar (RSB)

Interior :

  • Black interior with Corbeau TRS’s
  • Autometer Cobalt series Electronic Fuel Pressure and boost Gauges
  • 3 Gauge Pillar Pod

Stereo :

  • Pioneer 710BT Double Din Nav with iPod control
  • Audiobahn coax’s
  • JL 10″ Stealthbox
  • Orion Sub Amp
  • Backup Camera
  • AGM Battery 27M (Relocated to Trunk)

Exterior :

  • Bi-Xenon Retrofitted headlights
  • Morito HIDs
  • Red/Clears
  • Smoked Amber bumper lights
  • Stillen Full Lip Kit
  • LED Mirrors

Wheels / Tires / Suspension :

  • Nismo 370z Wheels
  • 300zx Z32 BBK with SS lines
  • D2 Coilovers on Bags
  • Progress Rear Sway Bar
  • Progress Engine Mount Bushings
  • Fully welded Subframe Connectors
  • Airlift 3P Air Suspension Management


Owner: Bishnu Dinanauth aka Secondtonone317

Year: 2000
Model: Maxima
Color: Black
Engine: VQ30DE
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

This featured post is dedicated to Bishnu Dinanauth aka Secondtonone317. Can’t believe it’s already been that many years. Thank you for all your contributions to the Maxima community. You will always be missed! You may be gone but will never be forgotten. – Eddy

Engine / Performance

  • OBX headers and y pipe
  • Test pipe
  • Full Greddy Catback
  • Apexi WS2 Muffler
  • Electric cutout
  • 1 step colder plugs
  • Vortech V2 supercharger, 12 PSI
  • Stillen V2 Supercharger plate
  • Vortech FMU with 6:1 disc
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump
  • Custom Charge Piping
  • “T” Clamps for charge piping
  • Blitz DD BOV with custom fit SS scoop
  • 3in MAF Housing
  • Custom 3in Cold air intake
  • Fujita air filter
  • AEM meth / water kit
  • Port and polished lower intake manifold
  • Swirl valves deleted
  • Cruise Control Delete
  • Shaved and ported UIM
  • Pathfinder Throttle body with adaptor plates
  • 02 Simulator
  • Oil catch can
  • Mitsubishi Radiator overflow tank
  • Braille lightweight battery
  • Braille lightweight battery stand
  • Gutted Trunk
  • Custom Poly filled left and right engine mounts
  • Energy Suspension front and rear engine mounts
  • Custom made Traction Bars
  • Newly Rebuilt LSD Gearbox
  • Spec stage 3, 6 puck clutch
  • B&M Shifter
  • Poly Filled Shifter Bushing
  • Aasco Aluminum lightweight flywheel
  • Apexi VafcII
  • AEM UGEO Wideband
  • Summit Racing adjustable shift light
  • Autometer Boost gauge
  • Autometer Oil Presure Gauge
  • Cyberdine Electric Fuel pressure gauge
  • Amsoil GL4 Gearbox Oil

Suspension, Braking and Handling

  • K-sport 36 way adjustable Coilovers
  • Front Strut Bar
  • Stillen Rear Strut Bar
  • Progress Rear Sway Bar
  • Bhlemco Stage 2 lower tie bar (skinned with 1/8th in steel to protect from bottoming out)
  • Altima SER 18in wheels
  • 245/45/18 tires
  • Altima SER calipers and brackets with 12.6 inch drilled and slotted rotors
  • Performance brake pads all around
  • Rear drilled and slotted rotors
  • Traux Motorsports Subframe connectors with X braces

Exterior / Interior Mods 

  • 2000 Nissan Maxima SE fully loaded
  • ABS Rear Lip
  • Stillen Sideskirts
  • Pure Polyurethane front lip
  • Redout Taillights
  • CF Hood
  • Ionic Dynamics ½ size roof spoiler
  • 5% tints all the way around incl. sunroof
  • Smoke tinted clear front side markers
  • Blacked out chrome window trim
  • Black leather interior
  • Black / Red Altima SER seats (heated and drivers side powered)
  • 02 – 03 Maxima OEM HID headlights
  • 02 – 03 Maxima Front Bumper
  • 02 – 03 Maxima Front Grille
  • 02 – 03 Maxima Foglights
  • Eyelids
  • Custom Painted black headlight housings
  • Painted Grille
  • Debadged Trunk Emblems
  • 15000k Low beam HID
  • 15000K Foglight HID
  • 15000K High Beam HID
  • Factory Bose Stereo
  • 3 pillar molded gauge pod with gauges
  • Prestige Alarm
  • Air horn


Owner: Nikky

Year: 2009
Model: Maxima
Color:  Midnight Blue
Transmission: CVT
Trim: S

As of Sept 2nd, 2019!

As of Feb 15th, 2020!

Some new photos, courtesy of NYC Speed Cams lol


Latest Update

As of 8/7/2021, the car is in the process of being parted out. The engine blew a head gasket and also experienced an electrical issue. At this point, it was not worth fixing. It was a really good run with this car. It treated us very well. We will miss you Midnight.