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The factory gauges are about 1.25-1.5 inches deep – the circuit board sits that far back from the black plastic surface on which the gauges are mounted (the circuit board mounts on the back of the white plastic part of the “sandwich”, probably more than 1.5″ away from the black surface on which the gauges are mounted – no need to modify it in any way) Once you remove the factory gauge there is tons of room (depth) to mount a gauge in it’s place, The PLX gauge only takes up about 3/8 inch of depth.


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If anyone is wondering and was as curious, the 370Z floor mats fit on 2000-2003 5thgen Maxima.

Part Number: 999E2-ZV011
Price: $122.58

Order Link: https://www.z1motorsports.com/genuine-accessories/nismo/nismo-370z-floor-mats-p-3797.html

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  • Overall, pretty much a direct fit. See reference photo on the bracket that needs to be drilled out a little.
  • They look really good in the car and give that bucket seat type feel while driving.
  • You do lose your heated seats and electronic adjustments. But I prefer performance over comfort.