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  • Overall, pretty much a direct fit. See reference photo on the bracket that needs to be drilled out a little.
  • They look really good in the car and give that bucket seat type feel while driving.
  • You do lose your heated seats and electronic adjustments. But I prefer performance over comfort.

Price: $146.32
Order Link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dual-LED-Halo-For-2002-2003-Nissan-Maxima-Dual-LED-Halo-Black-Headlights-Pair/274382324188

General Feedback:

  • With the 6000k HIDs you wont really be able to see the halo rings. the lenses that they use give off a slight glare which actually make the HIDs look a little brighter than they are, which to me isnt a bad thing at all. i would post a pic of them lit on my car but its in the shop.
  • One of my buddies here in MI bought the ebay projector head lights and his bulbs weren’t seating properly. The right bulb was bouncing in the housing. They didn’t fit properly and just were cheap quality. So I personally wouldn’t recommend them.
  • Are people trolling by trying to buy ebay headlights? Only thing they’re good for are the lens lol
  • Ebay halo’s suck… ZERO light distribution. Youd have more light on the road getting 5th gen headlights and silverstars lol.


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This howto is for the quick and easy task of replacing the ignition switch. If you have to jiggle the key around for the car to start, have to do any special tricks for it to work, whatever.

This whole process shouldn’t take but 10 minutes, if that.

First up, grab a phillips head screwdriver, and acquaint yourself with the kneeling position outside your driver’s side door. You should (kinda) see this:

Yes, that’s an automatic brake pedal. Deal with it.

You’ll need to locate the two screws, one at either end of the bottom of the panel.
They’re indicated by circles in the photo below (the rectangular highlights are the clips that hold the panel on):

Left side screw, above the hood release:

Right side screw:

Now to remove the screws. If you can’t figure this out, you’re just…lost.

Removing left side screw:

Removing right side screw:

Grab along the bottom of the panel and pull it off. There are several clips that hold it in place (see above picture), so it may be a little resistant. Don’t be afraid of breaking it, be a man (if applicable).

When it comes off, just toss it to the side. You’ll then see this:

That bar is safety equipment, there to protect you in the event of a crash (AFAIK). It’s held on by two 10mm head bolts, shown here:

Removing the left side bolt:

Removing the right side bolt:

Now the view with the crash bar removed:

Now you need to remove the steering column trim. There are 6 screws; the outer 4 hold the two pieces of the surround together, the two in the middle hold the lower piece to the steering column.

View from directly underneath, showing the screws. Green holds the two pieces together, red holds the lower piece to the column:

Now once you remove all of those (no pictures of that, but…yea) you can just pull the top piece right off:

Pop the trim around the key cylinder out (not pictured, it’s what goes around where you put the key), then pull off the lower piece:

Here’s your ignition switch, mounted to the back of the lock cylinder (don’t mind the unplugged white connector, it was in the way):

To remove the ignition switch, you’ll need a finer tipped screwdriver than what you used for everything else.

The two screws that affix it to the key cylinder:

Removing the left side screw (a shorter screwdriver helps):

Removing the right side screw:

The ignition switch then just pulls right out:

This is the tab in the lock cylinder that rotates along with the key:

Which fits into this slot on the ignition switch:

You really can’t install the ignition switch improperly (one would think, anyway…).

Obviously installation is the reverse of removal. I don’t have a picture specifically of the ignition switch harness connector, but just follow the harness back and you’ll find it.

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This is my first time ever doing this on my car and I thought I should share it in the forums. I think it’s cool and I highly recommend any of you to do this to your beautiful maxima as this looks so dope at night! I did this all by myself and I think I did a great job.

In total, I got the whole module for about $100 on Amazon and 2 cans of paint (duplicolor) for about $15 so it cost me about $115. Other places would charge you about $700 – $1000. Mine is a 300-star kit and you can always upgrade to more stars. They go all the way up to 1000 stars. These are the channels that helped guide me so it could help you as well!

Install Notes:

  • It’s all done on the same headliner. It took me about 10 hours to perfect every marking and glue the optic fibers to the headliner and I let the glue cure for 2 days. I would not recommend supergluing the fibers because when you superglue the fibers, it can eat away at them as it dries. You can use hot glue or some paste or silicone but don’t use a lot just a drop.
  • The main trick is getting the headliner out and back in. I’m sure there are instructions on the forums to get it out but basically, I just unbolted the door a bit to allow it to open as wide as it could and i didn’t have to remove it. I removed all seats to get reupholstered anyway and the center console and parking brake were removed as well and it came out fine. Be careful when you bend it to get out because u can crack it but i didnt crease or crack mine.
  • When I finally put it back in, I took the sunroof door out from the backside near the rear window it comes out with 2 little tabs that unscrew on the top of the brackets that hold the sunroof on. Just slide it out through there and slide it back in. So basically, get the whole headliner back, in the same way, you took it out, be sure to tape the sunroof to the headliner to not fall (you can remove the tape after its in) then once the headliner is inside put the sunroof door in FIRST!
  • Allow an extra strand of optic fiber about 12 inches to go back and forth without pulling any out and you are good. If you don’t have a sunroof it will be easier or if you don’t want to put any fibers in the sunroof.

Install Photos