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Member Credit: Eddymaxx

I recently installed an Auto Meter 22813 triple gauge pod and Ortiz clock replacement pod on my 2002 5thgen Maxima. The Auto Meter pod goes over your existing pod and fits perfect. I’m happy with the overall setup.

Auto Meter Part Number: 22813 (Price Approx. $90 bucks or so). You can find it on eBay.

Ortiz Custom Pod Part Number: OCPN-65 (Price $109.00). You have to order it directly through their site below.
Order Link: http://ortizcustompods.com/nissan.html 

Left Gauges: Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure
Center Gauges: Oil Temp, Air/Fuel, Boost

2020 Maxima Steering Wheel


Community Member Credit: EddyMaxx

I was looking to replace the steering wheel on my 1998 4thgen Nissan Maxima. I looked at various options and came across an 8thgen steering wheel that fits perfectly and literally plug-n-play (for the fitment and airbag wiring). It feels and looks much better than the regular 4thgen steering wheel. It’s also a flat-bottom steering wheel.

Overall, I’m very happy with the results. It took me about 45-minutes to get everything set up and installed. The cruise control wiring is optional but does require additional wiring if you want to retain the ones on the 8thgen steering wheel. You also need to ensure you get the steering wheel with regular cruise control, not intelligent cruise control.

Installation Details:

  • This setup uses the existing 4thgen Maxima clock spring. The 8thgen steering fits perfectly with no issues. All you need to do is route the clockspring wires through the center of the wheel.
  • I recommend going with the 2016-2018 Maxima steering wheel and airbag combination. 2016-2018 have one airbag plug and the late 2018-2021 have two plugs. You need a single airbag plug for the  4thgen.
  • You cannot use a 2019-2021 airbag on a 2016-2018 steering wheel or vice versa. They have different mounting points. See reference photo in this post.
  • To retain cruise control, you need to get a steering wheel without intelligent cruise control. If you don’t care about cruise control (or will re-route your existing controls to a different location), then you are good.
  • The airbag wiring is very easy. I used a spare 6thgen Maxima air plug to make mines plug and play. Check my video in this post to see more info on it. The 4thgen airbag connector has two wires, making it super easy to make a plug-and-play harness. I tested this out and can confirm you don’t get any flashing airbag lights.
  • For the horn, you use your existing ground wire from the 4thgen steering wheel.
  • If you want to retain the heated feature, you will need to route the two extra wires. You can wire it up to a separate switch or an OEM timer-based switch.
  • The 4thgen did not come with steering wheel audio controls. You can make it work with an aftermarket device but will make the project more complex.

Working Features

  • 100% Working Airbag (No Blinking Airbag Light)
  • 100% Working Horn
  • 100% Working Heated Wheel Function (If wired)

Total Cost: $280.00

  • Airbag: $180.00
  • Steering Wheel: $100.00

Regular Cruise Control vs Intelligent Cruise Control

2016-2018 vs 2019-2021 Steering Wheel Comparison

Installation Photos

Airbag Information

Horn Information

You need to attached the horn wire into the airbag as noted below.

Airbag Wiring

Disconnect the airbag connector on a 4th-generation Nissan Maxima. To do this, take off the plastic cover and cut the airbag plug as much as possible. Alternatively, you can obtain a replacement connector from a previously deployed airbag if you wish to keep yours intact for resale.

Step 2: Gently separate the white wires. Among them, you will find two distinct colors: one is red, and the other is brown.

Step 3: Connect the red wire to the yellow wire, and similarly, join the blue wire to the brown wire. Secure these connections by soldering them and then insulate with tape.


Member Credit: Jon Jainarine

Disclaimer: Besides getting a wheel from 2019 or later, please do not buy wheels equipped with intelligent cruise control. Using such a wheel will result in your cruise control not functioning correctly (see Picture 6). If your 8th-gen wheel control connector resembles that of the 5.5 gen, be sure to re-pin it to match the configuration shown in Picture 7.

Step 1: Remove negative from battery and let the car sit for at least 30 minutes before touching your 5.5 airbag or installing the new one.

Step 2: You need a T-30 security torx bit to take out that airbag. Theres one screw on each side behind small trim pieces. Pull the screws and the bag comes right out. Unplug your harnesses.

Step 3: Some 8GM steering wheels come with a steering control connector that is the same as the 5.5. Others come with a smaller white connector (Pic 1.). Either way I find that the easiest way to install this is to cut the 8GM and 5.5 connector off and splice the wire from the 8GM wheel into the 5.5 connector. This way you can reuse your original 5.5 connector without the need to de-pin and re-pin. Just follow the wiring instructions (Pic 2.).

Step 4: For your airbag you’ll need a pair of orange and yellow Steering Wheel Clock Spring Plug Wires. I got mine from Amazon that came the next day with prime (Pic 3.)

Step 5: With the airbag connectors facing down and the black clips facing up, both left wires will connect to the blue wire on your 5.5 connector. The right wire on the orange connector will connect to the black on the 5.5 connector and the right wire on the yellow connector will connect to the yellow wire on the 5.5 connector. (Pic. 4.)

Step 6: Now torque your new wheel down to 30 ft.lbs connect all your wires and say a lil prayer before connecting that airbag. If it doesn’t blow up good work your 5.5 gen maxima has now gained 10 cool points.



Credit: Mark Rodriguez

I’ve successfully swapped an 8th Gen Maxima Shifter Assembly with the 8th Gen Maxima Boot & 8th Gen Shift Knob into my 7th Gen Maxima.


  • Was it plug and play? Pretty much everything is plug and play only thing i had to change is swap out the 8th Gen shifter housing wiring harness out for the 7th Gen shifter wiring harness to avoid having to rewire the 8th gen shifter wiring harness into a 7th Gen socket/plug and for the center console i modified the 7th Gen shift cover to put the 8th Gen boot into it.

8th Gen Maxima Shifter Swap in 7th Gen Maxima