Question: Where did your audio or trunk battery power wire?

Answers (Your choice of options from various owners)

  • “Grommet above the gas on the firewall. It’s where I have my power cable. You have to cut the carpet a bit.”
  • “I ran my power wire threw the same hole as the hood release cable”
  • “Drilled a hole through the firewall on the driver’s side. It’s the shortest distance to the battery to get the full power you’re trying to run through the cable.”
  • “There was a nice easy spot under the glovebox on the passenger side with no drilling.”


Community Member Credit: Eddy

I just installed this little LED Battery Voltage Display Reader on my Infiniti FX35. In order to test or check the battery, you normally have to pop open the plastic cover for it. This makes it easier for me to check the actual battery itself and confirm the voltage reading.

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