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Before and after shots! Finally got my new head unit installed, a completely custom flush-mounted Sony AXV-AX8100 along with a VSI CD player. Still have a few details to deal with but it’s in and playing. Complete write-up coming soon!

Trunk Setup

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Model: ATOTO F7
Description: ATOTO F7 Double-DIN Car Stereo, CarPlay & Android Auto, 7in Touchscreen in-Dash Navigation GPS, Mirrorlink, Phone Charge, Bluetooth, HD LRV Input with Backup Camera, Mic, Max 2TB SSD&512G SD

Order Link: https://www.amazon.com/ATOTO-Double-DIN-Touchscreen-Mirrorlink-Bluetooth/dp/B099DBX3VQ/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1V9O1QSQ1N83P&keywords=atoto%2Bf7%2Bstandard%2B7%2Binch&qid=1650801790&sprefix=%2Caps%2C215&sr=8-3&th=1

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This Android radio will replace your current radio in your vehicle. It gives your vehicle a clean and neat look while giving you access to millions of Android apps and expanding your connectivities. At the same time, this Android radio retains most if not all of your vehicle’s original features such as self-parking and remote start. This Tesla style Android radio also serves as a platform for you to put on many add-ons to further expand your capability on the road. Some examples are HDTV, CarPlay & Android Auto module, portable DVD player, TPMS and more.

This Android radio is fully plug and play. It does not require any wiring or soldering. A set of complimentary Dash Removal Kit will be provided in the package.


Vehicle Information

  • Door open/close
  • Vehicle speed mph
  • Engine speed rpm
  • Low gas alert
  • Low tire pressure alert
  • Vehicle incline angle
  • Backup image (able to support up to 3 cameras like Front & Right side cameras)
  • Backup radar display
  • AC and entertainment control

AC and Heat

  • Ventilated seat and heated seat
  • Steering wheel control ( volume, next/previous tracks)
  • FM/AM Radio Play music from storage/USB drive
  • Screen mirroring of you phone both android & iPhone. (Only one can be mirrored at a time.)
  • Bluetooth calling / music (built in Mic but you can request an external one)
  • Accept external add-ons like CD player, digital TV, TPMS, Bird view 360 cameras CarPlay & Android auto module etc)
  • Run music apps from Google Play store, like Pandora and iHeart Radios.
  • Built-in GPS

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Top: 2000-2001 GXE Trim
Bottom: 2002-2003 Titanium Edition (TE) Trim

GXE Radio Bezel Trim (2000-2001)

Titanium Edition (TE) Radio Bezel Trim (2002-2003)

SE/GLE Stock (2000-2003)


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  • Check antenna fuse 40 7.5A which supplies 12v to pin 3 at all time.
  • Ground is provided through pin 6 at all time.
  • When stereo is on, trigger signal is sent to pin 4.

If the fuse burnt, there is likely a short in your antenna component.