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Owner: Josh Frohman aka ptatohed

Year: 1999
Model: Maxima
Color: White
Transmission: Automatic
Trim: SE

Mod List:

Horse Power and related mods: 

  • Vortech/Stillen V2 supercharger with V2 plate
  • 2.87” Vortech SC pulley (11-12 PSI)
  • Custom 2.5″ intake piping
  • A 5”D x 8”L PWR water to air aftercooler (barrel design) with a Bosch water pump, a Jackson Racing front-mount heat exchanger, and a Vortech ice chest/water reservoir. 
  • 4th gen. Variable Intake ( ” MEVI ” ) set at 5200 RPMs
  • I30t Viscous Limited Slip Differential (VLSD) automatic transmission (with Hayden #403 cooler)
  • One-step colder NGK platinum plugs gapped to 0.037” 
  • 12.5 lb 12.2” front rotors (stock are 15lb ea.)
  • Warpspeed Fed Spec aluminum Y-Pipe
  • Cattman cat-back exhaust
  • Budget test pipe (just for dyno and track days)
  • Fed Spec. left bank manifold (CA spec –> Fed Spec left exhaust bank manifold conversion which eliminating the large left bank California pre-cat. Cattman O2 simulator for the two downstream O2 sensors)
  • Perma-Cool oil cooler 
  • Autometer electronic Phantom style boost gauge 
  • Autometer dual intake temperature Phantom style gauge 
  • Custom steering column dual gauge pod 
  • Very rare “manumatic” transmission control module (only +/- 7 made) – A combination of strategically placed thermal insulation and increased engine bay air flow via piping, inlets, and 12V fans for cooler engine and intake temperatures (in progress) 
  • Dyno’d at 323HP/308TQ

Accelerating/Braking/Handling mods:

  • Over 200 pounds in cumulative weight reduction with little/no sacrifice to safety or comfort/convenience. Current weight is sub 3,000 lb 
  • Lightweight 17″ Kosei K1 TS silver wheels (13.7 lb each)
  • Toyo Proxes 4, 235/45/17 Z-Rated tires 
  • 20.8 lb (total per wheel) 12.2” lightweight Wilwood Big Brake Kit (BBK); Wilwood Superlite calipers, Hawk HPS pads and Coleman lightweight 2-piece rotors (OEM = 26.2 lb total per wheel) 
  • Brembo cross-drilled rear rotors with Hawk HPS pads 
  • Steel braided brake lines 
  • Valvoline Syn Power brake fluid
  • Tokico shocks (blue) 
  • Intrax springs (purple….eeerrrr I mean ‘grape’) 
  • Under body aerodynamic/wind diffuser paneling (in progress)

Looks (outside):

  • Recent complete paint job (OEM Icelandic Pearl)
  • Stillen ’97-’99 front lip
  • Ionic Dynamics side skirts modified slightly
  • Ionic one-piece ’97-’99 rear ground effect modified to be filled in flush (no wave) on the back plane
  • Vertical “mouth” slats and license plate holder section from the OEM front bumper cover removed
  • Side view mirrors painted all body color
  • Door guards shaved, all four doors
  • Black ring around the SE door handles painted body color
  • Line that goes all the way around the car has been filled in/shaved 
  • Shaved antenna 
  • All emblems shaved
  • Shaved trunk keyhole
  • Shaved windshield squirters 
  • Shaved SE spoiler
  • Functional 4th generation Toyota Supra turbo hood scoop (available only on European Supras)
  • One piece headlights (R34 style)
  • Sarona grill (version 2)
  • ’95 trunk conversion with the “wave” filled in flush 
  • Custom Enterprise diamond/euro red/clear taillights with chrome/amber bulbs
  • Body color rear license plate frame
  • Rear OEM calipers painted black to match the front Wilwood calipers 
  • Diamond clear bumper lights with chrome/amber bulbs

Looks and creature comforts (inside):

  • All 6 hard plastic A,B,C pillars were replaced with “fuzzy” I30 pillars
  • Black leather tilting I30 headrests
  • Black leather I30 e-brake handle
  • Lowered 3″ automatic shifter. Half brushed aluminum (to match dash kit)/ half perforated black leather (to match SE steering wheel), converted to push-down-to-shift (instead of push button) with black leather auto shift boot
  • Real brushed aluminum dash kit
  • Brushed aluminum sport pedals with black rubber inserts
  • Real leather (black) Redlinegoods e-brake boot
  • Real leather (black) Redlinegoods armrest cover with extra foam padding between the armrest and the leather. 
  • Real leather covered foam padded door elbow/armrest pads (“Mom made”)
  • In-console cup holder (available only on ’96 Maximas)
  • Kenwood double din DVD/Navigation (8017) with fake 2-dimensional security decoy face
  • Auto dimming mirror with temperature display, digital compass and dual map lights
  • Additional OEM Security red LED to the right of the steering wheel (for symmetry, added security and to fill the OEM “dud” panel)
  • 15% window tint all around including a limo windshield strip and limo on the sunroof 
  •  Back seat “fold-up” mod for transporting large/long items
  • New Zealand “PRND21” instrument cluster display (in progress)


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