Owner: Rani F.

Year: 2007
Model: Maxima SL
Color: White

Wheel/Suspension Setup:

  • BC Coilovers Fitted w/ UAS Airbags
  • Front Bags: “Aero Sport” By Universal Air Part # 02-ST-SB-14 ($220 Each)
  • Rear Bags:  “Air House 2” By Universal Air Part # 02-2600 ($79 Each)
  • Front Mounts: If your front strut mounts are bad and you want to do UAS front mounts, they are $350 for top and bottom CNC custom. Include both sides. Only if you need it.
  • Rear Brackets: You will also need brackets for the rear. You will need to call as they are not listed on UAS Website. You need two sets and they are $69.00 each. So $138 for brackets.
  • Accuair Air Management System
  • XO Luxury Madrid Wheels
  • 20×10.5 +28 Front w/ 245-35-20
  • 20×11 +28 Rear w/ 245-35-20

Old Front Struts

Hand-tighten the washer and bolt underneath the bag. This will help secure it. Be gentle as you can mess up the threads. Do not use an impact.

Owner: Jason Davis

Year: 2007
Model: Altima
Color: Silver
Engine: 2012 Gen2 VQ35DE Altima Engine
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Tuner: AdminTuning

Mod List:

  • 2012 Gen2 VQ35DE
  • 2017 Maxima Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
  • Bosch 550CC Injectors
  • Custom 3.5″ Intake
  • Full Custom 3″ Mid to 2.5″ OBX Mufflers
  • Vibrant 3″ Resonator
  • OBX Headers Y-Pipe
  • JWT Stage 1 900KG
  • JWT Flywheel
  • 370 Nissan Wheels
  • BC Racing  Coilovers w/ Swift Springs and 10K Springs
  • Akebono Front/Rear Big Brake Kit
  • Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Racingline Short Shifter
  • Red Lion Solid Inserts & Torque Mount
  • Moog Camber Rear Arms

Owner: Steve Fernandez aka 98MaXedOut

Year: 1997
Model: Maxima
Color:  White
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

Mod List:

  • 2003 Modded VQ35 with 3.0 timing
  • 5-Speed Transmission w/ LSD
  • ARP Rod bolts
  • ARP Main Bolts
  • ARP Head studs
  • 350z Revup Cams
  • PnP LIM
  • HR Valve Springs and retainers double shimmed (can safely rev to 8k)
  • Revup Oil Pump
  • Stillen Vortech V2 Supercharger
  • Stillen V1 Plate
  • Stillen Idler Pulley
  • Stillen Charge Pipe
  • T-Rex fuel Pump
  • Lexus Tensioner Pulley

Owner: Meximax

Year: 1996
Model: Maxima
Color:  White
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: GXE

Highlights: Fully built FWD VQ35 with a overspinning, belt-slipping Vortech V2 SQ running on custom JWT tune and mated to a 6-speed HLSD putting down 443whp/378wtq (STD corrected) on 93 octane. Uncorrected numbers were 454whp and 387wtq.

Mod List:

– Swapped VQ35 with VQ30 timing equipment (no variable valve timing)
– 8.8:1 Wiseco Pistons (stock bore)
– Eagle Rods w/ 3/8” ARP Bolts
– Balanced/Blue Printed Rotating Assembly
– ARP Main and Head Studs (std)
– JDM Cams (AKA JWT S1 Knockoffs) on custom intake cam timing
– Cosworth Headgasket
– JWT Valve Springs/shims
– Mild head work (gasket matched intake/exhaust ports)
– New OEM VQ30 timing equipment (chains, tensioners, etc., including water pump)
– Custom Z33 Intake Manifold w/ Motordyne 7/16” Spacer
– 70mm ’01Pathfinder TB

– Vortech V2 SQ
– Matty’s V1 SC Plate
– 2.62” pulley
– FMIC (bar and plate) 29*12*3.5, 3” in/out
– 3” charge pimping

– Swapped ’03 6-spd transmission
– Helical Limited Slip Differential from Spec V
– 3.813 Final Gear retained
– Stock Flywheel with welded A32 CPS Signal Disk
– JWT Z33 Clutch
– Stock ’03 6-spd axles
– Redline 100% heavy duty shockproof oil

Engine Management System (EMS):
– JWT Custom Boost Tune (93 octane and 116 octane, 7300 rev limit)
– Apexi SAFC
– J&S Safegaurd w/ knock monitor
– Kenne Bell Boost-a-Spark
– NGK Iridium gapped to .035
– Innovate XD16 O2 Wideband

– RC 550 Injectors
– Walbro 255 high pressure fuel pump (hardwired)
– Custom Dual Feed Returneless rails on OEM return system
– Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (1:1 rise rate)

– Hotshot headers w/ custom 3” collector
– Custom 2.5” True dual with X-pipe

Huge congrats to NISformance.com on breaking the record for the fastest NA VQ in the 10’s. Not every day you see a 10-second Maxima at the track. The car did 10.97 @ 126 MPH on December 7th, 2019. New milestone for the VQ community. Great job NISformance team!

Track information:

  • 60ft-1.6606
  • 1/8 ET- 7.06
  • 1/8 MPH- 101.42
  • 1/4 ET- 10.97
  • 1/4 MPH- 126.65

Car Info:

  • 2002 Nissan Maxima (5thgen)
  • 6spd trans 4.1 gear with HLSD
  • 2010 Maxima engine with JWT cams
  • NISformance cold air 3.5” intake
  • NISformance Headers
  • NISformance 3.5” exhaust
  • Haltech elite 2500 ECU
  • Aeromotive fuel cell with a1000 pump
  • 26″ slicks
  • VP Racing “M5” Methanol race gas
  • Race weight 2,450 lbs

Owner: Metal Maxima

Year: 2001
Model: Maxima
Color: Black


Mod List:

Tokico Illuminas
H&R Drop
Otto Strutbar
Stillen Rear Swaybar
Bridgestone Serenity Tires

Dynaudio 360 tweeters and 8″ mids (3-way frontstage)
Morel domes in kickpanels (3-way frontstage)
Rainbow Audio SL165 in rear
Alpine DVA 9965 (DVD Player)
7″ Microvision LCD
PAC SWI-X (Integration of factory steering wheel control)
iPod connection
Stinger Expert speaker cable
System pre-wired for amp hook-up with 1/0 AWG Stinger Expert in trunk

Complete two-tone interior throughout
Custom leather seats
Fully customized interior (LEDs galore, custom switches)

Full Stillen lip kit
Full repaint in Black (spring 2009)
Street Scenes grille w/ original grille cut-out