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Member Credit: Josh Frohman aka ptatohed

I have written the following to aid anyone who wants to take on the job of installing their Stillen supercharger himself or herself. My intention is to provide you with supplementary material to the instructions provided by Stillen. I want you to have what I wish I had during my installation! I hope that my time spent writing this installation-aid will benefit anyone whom decides to use it.

You will be using the Stillen instructions for your installation but I will be adding, deleting, correcting, giving tips, etc. to the Stillen instructions. Don’t worry, you can install this thing yourself. I was hesitant at first but now I am so glad I did. You get a great learning experience, you get to save $600 – $800, you don’t let any grease monkeys touch your car, you get a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, you get future bragging-rights and you get to stick your tongue out at those who told you couldn’t do it yourself.

Note: The PDF file below is 22 MB (may take a few seconds to download).

Supercharger Instruction Download

Photos of ptatohed Maxima: 


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