Specially made using full stainless steel construction, this ( patent pending) performance Y Pipe is dyno proven to see gains of 13hp and 14ft/lbs to the wheels on an otherwise stock vehicle!! By enlarging the primary runners and collector, removing a tight crimp in the factory piping and deleting the 3rd unmetered catalytic converter, lots of extra power is created.

Price: 295.99

Sound levels remain stock like during low rpm daily driving and highway cruising, but during spirited driving the cars sound does increase slightly to provide a more 350Z/370Z like tone

Although this pipe deletes 1 of the 3 stock catalytic converters, no SES/CEL lights are triggered. The catalytic converter being removed is not metered and the cars ECU does not realize it is missing.

This pipe is a complete bolt on replacement to the stock unit. No additional modifications are necessary and the car (in proper running condition) will still pass all known USA & Canada smog tests.

**Note** Because the is pipe deletes a catalytic converter, it is thus branded FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY.

All hardware and gaskets are included.

Installation Instructions:

PDF Version: 10077M


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