Specially selected ground points around the engine, alternator, intake manifold, and body are utilized to reduce resistance on the vehicles electrical system. By reducing the resistance and improving the flow of electricity, vehicle sensors will work more efficiently.

Price: $55.99

Benefits include:

  • better mileage
  • brighter lights
  • stabilized idle
  • no “dimming” of lights or rpm drops when using accessories
  • better throttle response
  • reduced engine noise in audio systems
  • better shifting on many automatics
  • Increased power in some applications


  • Industry best tinned 2058 strand 4AWG wire, 100% oxygen free copper
  • Logo free wires
  • thick heavy duty tinned copper lugs
  • 8 ground wires
  • picture instructions included
  • all wires labeled for easy reference

Available in Matte Blue or Matte Black. Red available by request(Made to order, add 2-3 days to order processing).

Installation Instructions:

PDF Version: A34_ground_Install


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