Engine Bay Mods


Community Member Credit: ViperVadim / Eddy

This will allow you to use a newer Mass Airflow Sensor to your 1995-1999 Nissan Maxima.  This upgrade has been available for many years in the Maxima community. The newer MAF sensor is pretty much the same as 90% of the newer Nissan Models. Much cheaper and easier to find. You just need to be sure you also use the newer MAF housing when installing.

You can either get an OEM pigtail or use the one from eBay below. I went with the eBay pigtail which costs around $16 bucks shipped. The most important part is that you follow the pin order (wire colors do not really matter as long you follow pin order).

Pigtail eBay Link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/164695704632
Search Word (if link doesn’t work): 5 wire MAF Mass Air Flow Connector Nissan Infiniti Vq35

Important Note: In order to properly use this new MAF, your car will require tuning. The car will drive OK but your idle will be off and may fluctuate. If you’re preparing to get an ECU tune using stock ECU, make sure to let your tuner know so new MAF can be factored in.

For installing, you just need to match the wires as noted below. Very simple but please proceed with caution.

1995-1999 5thgen Maxima MAF Pinout

Pin 1: White = MAF signal (White)
Pin 2: Ground (Black)
Pin 3: +12v ( Red)

Separate IAT Sensor Plug
Pin 1: IAT Signal (Light Blue)
Pin 2: Ground (Black)

350z / Newer Maxima MAF Pinout

Pin 1: Blank
Pin 2: +12v (Yellow)
Pin 3: MAF Ground (Black)
Pin 4: MAF Signal (White)
Pin 5: IAT Signal (Blue)
Pin 6: IAT Ground (Red)

eBay MAF Pigtail

For reference, once you swap to this MAF… you can use MAF’s from any of the cars below. They all share the same exact MAF which makes this a better option.

350Z 2003-2008
370Z 2009+
Altima 2004+
Armada 2004+
Cube 2009-2012
Frontier 2005+
GTR 2009+
Maxima 2004+
Murano 2003+
NV1500 2012-2014
NV2500 2012-2014
NV3500 2012-2014
NV200 2013-2015
Pathfinder 2005+
Quest 2004+
Rogue 2008+
Sentra 2004+
Titan 2004+
Versa 2008+
Xterra 2005+
EX35 2008+
EX37 2011+
FX35 2003+
FX37 2013+
FX45 2005-2008
FX50 2009-2013
G25 2011+
G35 2004-2007
G37 2008+
JX35 2013+
M35 2006-2010
M37 2011+
M45 2006-2010
M56 2011+
Q45 2005-2006
Q50 2014+
Q60 2014+
Q70 2014+
QX50 2014+
QX56 2004+
QX60 2014+
QX70 2014+
QX80 2014+

Credit: HomerMAC

Setup Details:

  • Works on A32 (95-99) or A33 DE-K (00-01)
  • V2 Supercharger with V2 Aluminum plate kit with 3.0″ Pulley
  • Only modification I did was shave 1/2 Diameter off the leg located in the center of the SC on the mounting plate. This was to ensure the 3.0″ pulley didn’t have any trouble with the belt. It was done super clean and you will think it was not modified at all if I don’t mention it. It was done by a machine shop.
  • 2.75″ welded alum. charge pipe with coupler from Blower.
  • 2.75″ to 3″0 Bending reducer to connect to the MAF or whatever
  • Pipes are welded with broken beads at the coupler points to keep them from sliding off.
  • AEM Dryflow filter 9×6″
  • Bending coupler 3.5″ (SC inlet) to 4″ Filter Opening
  • Kenne Bell 8:1 FMU for use with stock injectors
  • DET MANIFOLD: Consisting of lower, middle, upple plenums. It bolts up to the vq30de/dek block. TPS,IACV etc is 4thgen interchangeable. Idle ,start up etc. are flawless and OEM.

Community Member Credit: Chris Strasser

There are also two variations of the 2nd Gen VQ35DE engine. A Maxima engine is equipped with EVT ( Exhaust Valve Timing ) and has a slightly higher compression ratio along with larger intake manifold and throttle body (75mm). The Altima engine has a slightly lower compression ratio, and is not equipped with EVT. The intake manifold and throttle body (70mm) are also a bit smaller.


  • The OBX V2 headers don’t fit with 2020 upper
  •  I used the 2020 new pan, got new headers made. It’s not a big deal.
  • I just tried to fit a 2020 Vq35 windage tray with a 2002 upper oil pan and it didn’t fit. I had to remove the 2020 one and use the 2002.
  • I used the 2014 windage tray but had to grind a few spots to make it work. It was hitting the ribs in the 2002 oil pan.
  • I believe you remove the one on the motor because the wind tray is built into 02 oil pan.
  • What is the main reason to change the upper and lower oil pans, Is it a height or sensor issue? If it’s just a height issue, can that be solved with the raiser motor mounts? Exhaust issue. Depending what headers/ ypipe you use if they are made for the 5.5 upper oil pan they might not work w the deeper 2nd gen oil pan
  • Bottom line is it’s best to have the correct oil pan that goes to the car


Credit: eng92

This may be common knowledge but I did not see it in the stickies. There are three basic steps involved:

1) On the ECU connector, move the wire from pin 107 to pin 105.
2) Change out your 4-wire zirconia type rear O2 sensor for a 3-wire titania type.
3) Also must add rear O2 sensor signal ground from ecu pin 112 to engine grounds F18 and F19 on intake manifold collector.

Please be aware that you cannot sub a 3-wire zirconia type sensor in place of the 3-wire titania. The two types work completely differently. The zirconia type generates a voltage depending upon O2 levels. The ECU expects to see a fluctuating voltage from 0-1.0 V.

The titania type sensor changes in resistance depending on O2 levels. The ECU measures the voltage drop across this resistance. It expects a voltage fluctuating between 0-2.2V. If the ECU does not see the specified voltage fluctuation after a given time period, it will throw the P0136 code and give you a CEL.

Some of you may have discovered that the rear O2 sensor bung on a 98 is an 18mm thread while the one on a 96 is 12mm.

There are three options for sensor replacement:

  1. Buy a 12mm, 3-wire titania type for a 96 and machine an adapter for it to fit the 18mm threaded bung.
  2. Weld a 12 mm bung on your exhaust and use the 96 sensor.
  3. Buy an 18mm, 3-wire titania type sensor. Easier said than done. Not used on any North American production cars that I am aware of. NTK Europe makes them but NTK North America does not. All of the 3 wire titania ones over here are 12mm.

I believe I found one through Oxygensensors.com. It is Walker p/n: 250-23881. It is a universal type, so you will have to cut the connector off of your factory sensor.

I know someone is going to ask the question: Will this work on a 99???

Short answer: I do not know.
Long Answer: I know the 99 uses a four-wire 18 mm zirconia type like the 98. The nissan p/ns may be different but that just means the connector or length of wire attached to the sensor is different. You would be replacing it with a universal so that does not matter.

I have FSMs for 96 and 98, not 99. The pin-out on the ECU may be different. If someone wants to supply me with the schematic for the rear O2 sensor circuit, I can let you know.

I apologize for the long post, but since there is a GD for JWT ecus going on right now, I figured this would be useful info for some of us 98s.

New O2 sensor finally arrived on Friday – installed it Sunday night

Problem – I am not picking up any voltage output from it on my OBD2 scanner.

A quick check of the 96 ECU schematic reveals the problem. The ECU requires a separate signal ground for the rear O2 sensor to be on pin 112.

Damn 3 wire sensors – the four wire types have a built in signal ground so no separate wire is necessary.
Time to hit the wrecking yard again. Probably the best place to get some of those “fancy” female terminals that go inside the ECU harness connector.




Wired the FPCM and dropping resistor in on Saturday. Had to tun two new wires from the ECU to the left rear quarter where the modules are located. Some minor re-wiring of the body grounds and fuel pump were also required.

For all you 98s, this step should only be necessary if you have a 95/96 ECU out of a cali-spec or Canadian maxima and are getting the P1220 code.

Spare ’96 ecu will arrive at Technosquare today.

For any of you 98 cali-spec owners looking to convert to a 95/96 ecu, I have a whole harness full of ecu pins available. I can pop a couple in an envelope with ~24″ of wire attached and mail them out.


Just an update that may save some people some money.

Before going out and buying the titania 02 sensor:

1) On the ECU connector, move the wire from pin 107 to pin 105. There should be no existing wire in 105.

2) Ground ecu pin 112 (this is the rear 02 sensor ground)

I believe Dandymax just carried out the above two steps and it got rid of the P0136 for him. If it doesn’t work for you, then you will have to buy the sensor.