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This is just for reference and comparison. The RIPP Supercharged Kit usually comes with the V-5 G Supercharger. Most upgrade to the V-2 Si Supercharger Trim. You will need to ensure the impeller is also in the right rotation for your setup.

Impeller Rotation Reference

  • Clock-Wise CW (RIPP Supercharger Kit)
  • Counter Clock-Wise CCW (Stillen Supercharger Kit)

SuperchargerMax SpeedMax BoostMax FlowMax PowerInlet ODOutlet OD
V-5 F52000 RPM14 PSI750 CFM550 HP3.5″2.5″
V-5 G52000 RPM15 PSI750 CFM550 HP3.5″2.5″
V-2 S50000 RPM20 PSI1000 CFM680 HP3.5″2.75″
V-2 SC53000 RPM20 PSI1000 CFM680 HP3.5″2.75″
V-2 Sci53000 RPM17 PSI1050 CFM725 HP3.5″2.75″
V-2 Si52000 RPM22 PSI1150 CFM775 HP3.5″2.75″

Vortech 5-G

Vortech Supercharger V-5G - $1500

Vortech Supercharger V-5G - $1500

Vortech Supercharger V-5G - $1500


Vortech V-2