Credit: Gerson Flores

What’s up guys!  So many of you know I’ve been in the 7th gen 6mt game for a while. I’m the original creator for the 6mt swap list on my4dsc.com. Over the year we been seeing lots of swaps being done. Now the biggest issue we been having now is finding 2 OEM passenger AXLE to mate together in order for the swap to work.

I went ahead and made something that’ll make this swap a whole lot easier. It’s a axle spacer custom CNC design to fit any 07-12 Altima 3.5 manual axle. Now you won’t need 2 axle to make one. All you need to do is Just purchase a 07-12 Altima 3.5 manual axle and the spacer and boom swap it in. The people that have the swap done know how annoying this part is.

This is only if you’re swapping 6-speed manual transmission in a 7th gen maxima.

If you’re interested please send me a DM. trying to get a group buy going so it’s cheaper for everyone.

Current Count: 5

Pricing per Count:

  • $400 each for 10 pieces
  • $350 each for 20 pieces
  • $300 each for 30 pieces
  • $250 each for 40 pieces
  • $225 each for 50 pieces

Actual Spacer


Credit: Joey Edwin

You might be aware that Vision One Racing has recently introduced adapters designed to accommodate a K-tuned shifter in a Maxima, Altima, or SE-R. I managed to install one in my friend’s Maxima and the installation process was rather straightforward. Here’s what you’ll need:

Installation Notes:

  • The only modifications required were to remove the four standard mounting studs and drill four new holes for the mount. After that, everything else fit flawlessly.
  • The overall feel is vastly improved and less loose compared to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) shifter. I highly endorse it.
  • The only component that doesn’t fit is the shifter bezel.


Install Reference


Credit: shralp

So I just took the plunge into my first tranny fluid change and took some pics. I used 5 quarts instead of flushing all of it.

Important Note: Nissan Matic J was replaced with S.


  • Nissan Matic J transmission fluid (got lucky and found some on eBay but most likely you’ll have to go to a Nissan dealer and pay $15/qt)
  • 10mm Socket
  • Bucket
  • Plyers
  • A friend to help
  • Funnel
  • Ramps/jack stands (so you can fit the bucket under)


1. Lift car and remove splash guard.

2. Remove the engine cover so you can get to the charging pipe behind the engine.



4. If you’re replacing X quarts of fluid, fill your bucket with X quarts of water and make a line at the water level. This way you’ll know when do stop draining.


5. Get all your Nissan Matic J transmission fluid opened and lined up so you or you’re friend can continuously pour. Start your engine (nothing will drain without the engine running).


6. Get under the engine with your bucket ready. You’ll be removing the smaller hose from the radiator (see picture).


7. With your plyers, squeeze the hose clamp and slide it farther up the hose.

8. Put your bucket directly below the end of the hose and get positioned so you can watch the fluid level reach the line on the inside of the bucket.

9. Pull the hose off the radiator. I used plyers on this step but it might be easier to just use your hand. TIP: JUST AS THE HOSE RELEASES FROM THE RADIATOR, GIVE IT A PINCH TO STOP THE FLUID FROM SPRAYING ALL OVER YOUR GARAGE!. Otherwise you’re garage will look like this.


10. Yell to your friend to start pouring. Aim the hose at the bucket and stop pinching. Watch the fluid fill the bucket. As soon as it reaches the line in the bucket, pinch the hose again and reconnect it to the radiator. Hopefully all the old fluid is in your bucket and not on your body/garage floor.


11. Slide the hose clamp back to the end of the hose with your plyers.

12. Turn off your engine and give your friend a high five or a kick in the nuts, depending on his performance.

13. Put the splash guard back on. Screw the dipstick bolt back into the charging pipe. Put your engine cover back on.

14. Good work, now go drink a beer and order some more mods for your FX.

Drain Plug

Checking Fluid Level

Important Notes

Actually the transmission holds 10 3/4 quarts. The 30,000 and 60,000 mile services call for a drain and fill which takes about 3 1/2 quarts to do.

OP what I would do is buy 8 quarts, drain the pan, and refill with 3 1/2 quarts. Drive 50-100 miles and repeat the process. Give the car about 1-2000 miles and repeat. That way you don’t shock the tranny all at once with new fluid. I don’t think the tranny has been hurt unless you track your car but check your fluid ASAP. If it is dark or brown and smells burnt, you probably need to ignore my first advice and take it to the dealer for a complete flush and fill.

The tranny fluid is Nissan S-Matic, it replaced the J-Matic and is the only transmission fluid recommended for our engines.


I had my tranny fluid changed last month. Me and my buddy did it with the car on the hoist. We used the drain plug on the tranny oil pan. Drained out about 4~6 qts. Then we filled another 4 ~ 6 qts back to the oil pan (depending on how much you drain out). The turn on the engine, with the brake on, shifting from P to R, to D, then D to R to P, each gear stays about the 20 secs to let the new fluid to mix out with the old fluid. Then we did the process again. After that test drive the car in manual mode for about 10 mins. Then measure the fluid level. If not enough, then top out from the tranny dip stick tube with a thin tube funnel.

I do my tranny fluid change about every 30k miles. The car is running fine, no issue with the tranny.



This is a complete kit from the slave cylinder to the master cylinder. This line will replace your factory metal & rubber lines with a stainless braided line. All clutch lines are single lines made of stainless steel braided hose with a protective PVC covering.

These parts work for the following manual transmission vehicles:

  • 1995-1999 4thgen Nissan Maxima
  • 2002-2003 5thgen Nissan Maxima
  • 2004-2006 6thgen Nissan Maxima
  • 2002-2006 Nissan Altima
  • 2002-2006 Nissan Sentra

Bolts, washers & fittings are included if required (Shown in picture). All you do is remove the factory OEM line and replace it with our clutch line kit.

You will get rid of all the below once you install this new line.


Credit: Noah Vella

I had trouble finding a decent OEM type option so I hope this helps a few people out. I was originally going to wrap the chrome black but it actually matches the e-brake button, Nissan emblem and door handles so I think I’ll keep it chrome.

Shift knob:

You can find these on online (eBay) between $15.00 to $20.00 shipped from China. The common search words are 6 Speed Gear Shift Knob For Nissan X-Trail T30 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 07″.

You will need this adapter:

  • Price: $7.99
  • Description: Kei Project Metric Thread Stainless Steel Shift Knob Shifter Manual Stick Adapter Insert Kit 12×1.25 to 10×1.25 Lock Nut Included
  • Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H2SPAWU





Credit: Lagging Tryhard 

Parts List:

  • Transmission (07+) $600 – LKQ
  • Shift Cable Assembly (34413-JA20A) $150 – Z1Motorsports
  • Shift Cable Brackets (34448-JA60A/JA61A or 34448-ZX20A/ZX21A) $50
  • Shift Plate Lock (36406-9B000)*2 $10 – Z1Motorsports
  • Flywheel (Luk is $237 JWT is $415) – RockAuto/Nisformance
  • Clutch w/ Pressure Plate (JWT $417) – Z1Motorsports
  •  Axle Seals (38342-8H500/8H501) – nissanpartsdeal.com
  • Axles (39100-JA10F Passenger 39101-JA11F Driver)
  • Flywheel Bolts (12315-ZA000) $1.89 * 8 – Z1Motorsports
  • Pressure Plate Bolts (30223-JA00A)
  • Transmission Mount (Anchor 9733) $40 – RockAuto
  • Transmission Mount Nut and Bolts (01223-N2011 & 11298-JA00B * 4)
  • Starter (23300-JA10D) $323.49 or can buy from parts store
  • Starter Bolts (11916-8J11A * 2)
  • Shifter Assembly (34101-ZN00A) $175
  • Clutch Master Cylinder Reservoir (30610-JK00A)
  • Clutch Master & Slave Cylinder Kit – $950 – Contact Gerson Flores
  • Tune – $960 – Contact Gerson Flores
  • Handbrake (08 Maxima) $100 or Electric E-Brake (ESK 001) $475
  • Threaded Rod (M12x1.75) Grainger
  • Clutch Pedal (Mine is from ’03 Infiniti G35 but most people use 07+ Altima Clutch Pedal)
  • Gear Oil ( Redline MT 85 or MT 90)


Our HD Shift Cable Bracket has been in development for a large part of past year. With a product we’re now proud to put the V1R brand on we’re excited to officially bring this to market!

Machined from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum, this piece retains your cables in the precise factory location and orientation. Each bracket is then anodized with a Type III Hardcoat finish and capped of with our signature V1R laser etched logo.

Scavenging scrap yards for old, used brackets are a thing of the past! This is the perfect complement to the rest of our drivetrain-related lineup and is sure to be the LAST bracket you will need to buy!

Order Link: https://www.visiononeracing.com/product-page/v1r-billet-shift-cable-bracket-rs6f51h-a-rs5f51a
Price: $184.95



Community Member Credit: uptownsamcv

Recently I installed a SE-R spec V H-LSD along with a JWT flywheel and decided to try the M-Pact clutch components they sell on www.rockauto.com. The latest year Z that they list separate pressure plate and disc for is 2006, which should be good enough for bolt-ons and ECU reflash for 02 Maxima.

The pressure plate part number is M-PACT 98630 which is also their pressure plate listed for 02-06 Maxima. The disc part number is M-Pact 99688D which is their general sprung organic disc for many other Nissans and G35. I went with a National throw-out bearing and pilot bearing this time.

After putting 500 miles of city driving for break-in I finally started getting on it yesterday and it has a lot more bite than the outgoing basic Exedy kit I was running.

I also replaced the flywheel bolts with Allen head bolts with orange Loctite, I hate Torx bolts. Only Fastenal had the Allen head bolts that matched up. JWT instructions called for Loctite red but I don’t think it’s a good idea to use it on a crank. The flywheel will need to come off eventually, mainly when I do the 2nd gen swap.

All the clutch components together ended up costing me $168.97 which isn’t bad, now it’s just a matter of how good it holds up. My lust clutch kit was actually a LUK that came packaged with a LUK dual mass flywheel, not Exedy as I mentioned above. When I first got my car in December of 2012 the throw-out bearing went bad a month later and I had installed an Exedy kit.

  • M-pact pressure plate #98630 $82.79
  • M-Pact friction disc #99688D $60.79
  • National release bearing #614049 $23.79
  • national pilot bushing #PB22 $1.60

I only paid $300 for the 04 Sentra SE-R Spec V donor tranny that I took the Helical LSD out of. it fit right in since it’s the same LSD that comes in some of the 6 speed Maxima’s, I just had to put Maxima’s ring gear on it. I would have swapped the whole gear set as I saw in some write-ups but my tranny doesn’t grind any gears so I kept the stock gears.