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Credit: Gerson Flores

What’s up guys!  So many of you know I’ve been in the 7th gen 6mt game for a while. I’m the original creator for the 6mt swap list on Over the year we been seeing lots of swaps being done. Now the biggest issue we been having now is finding 2 OEM passenger AXLE to mate together in order for the swap to work.

I went ahead and made something that’ll make this swap a whole lot easier. It’s a axle spacer custom CNC design to fit any 07-12 Altima 3.5 manual axle. Now you won’t need 2 axle to make one. All you need to do is Just purchase a 07-12 Altima 3.5 manual axle and the spacer and boom swap it in. The people that have the swap done know how annoying this part is.

This is only if you’re swapping 6-speed manual transmission in a 7th gen maxima.

If you’re interested please send me a DM. trying to get a group buy going so it’s cheaper for everyone.

Current Count: 5

Pricing per Count:

  • $400 each for 10 pieces
  • $350 each for 20 pieces
  • $300 each for 30 pieces
  • $250 each for 40 pieces
  • $225 each for 50 pieces

Actual Spacer


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