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DRL modules are specifically made for Nissan and Infiniti models made to meet Canadian motor vehicle law requirements and vehicles imported from United States do not have the necessary wiring harness for this module to be connected to. As an example vehicles with MPH speedometer numbers as dominant and smaller KPH will be manufactured to US standards.

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Here’s my 2008 Maxima. I was driving temp started going up. Then transmission seemed like it was giving up sucks.It started smoking i thought it was overheating antifreeze. pulled saw fire ran like hell called 911.i will send some pictures also.

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The 4th gen Maxima was offered in three trim levels for the US market:

  • GXE “The essential Maxima”
  • SE “The Sportiest Maxima”
  • GLE “The luxurious Maxima”

All trim levels have the same engine, so performance differences between them are pretty much nil. The best way to tell which trim level you have is to decode the VIN Plate. This is due to much part swapping and trim upgrading, even transmission swaps that can be done.

Raise your hood. Look for a shiny metal identification tag fastened to the passenger side of firewall. The top row is the Vehicle Identification Number, starting with J. The second row is model information. The first five characters are BLHUL. The sixth character is the trim level designator, defined as follows:
V = SE

There are some feature differences that can help you determine the trim level on site. Keep in mind that most of these can be changed aftermarket by the owner, but as we know the VAST majority of Maximas on the street are bone stock.


  • Black gauge faces
  • Cloth seats
  • Basic stereo (BOSE optional but extremely rare)
  • Probably no sunroof (optional but very rare)
  • Chrome outer window trim and door handles
  • 5spd or Auto trans
  • No spoiler
  • No fog lights
  • Steel wheels with hubcaps
  • Chrome grill on 97-99 models
  • Manual A/C


  • White gauge faces
  • “Sport” Cloth or leather seats
  • Basic or BOSE stereo
  • May have sunroof
  • Black outer window trim
  • Body-color door handles
  • 5spd or auto trans
  • Spoiler
  • Fog lights
  • 15″ blade-style (95-96) or 16″ 5 spoke (97-99) alloy wheels
  • Body-color grill on 97-99 models
  • Manual A/C or climate control
  • “Sport” suspension
  • Electronically controlled front engine mount on automatic transmission cars
  • Liquid filled rear shock mounts
  • (In Canada there is a model called the ES which is like an SE minus the BOSE, leather, sunroof, and spoiler (All standard on a Canadian SE). But, it does include the VLSD trans.)


  • Black guage faces
  • Leather seats
  • BOSE stereo
  • Sunroof
  • Chrome outer window trim and door handles
  • Auto trans only
  • No spoiler
  • No fog lights
  • 15″ honeycomb (95-96) or 15″ blade-style (97-99) alloy wheels
  • Chrome grill on 97-99 models
  • Fake wood color dash and door trim
  • Fuzzy A-pillars on some years
  • Pop-out drawer (not flip-down) below radio on some years
  • Climate control only
  • Electronically controlled front engine mount
  • Liquid filled rear shock mounts

Keep in mind that spoilers, foglights, mudflaps and wood dash trim could be had as dealer-installed options on all levels.

Other options like heated seats, traction control, ABS and the like were offered on more than one trim level, so they are not a reliable indicator.

What are the differences between the 99 SE and the 99.5 SE-Limited (SE-L)?
Approx. early to midyear of ’99, a version of the SE called the SE Limited debuted, with only these differences to the ’99 SE

  • “SE Limited” badging by driver and front passenger doors
  • Titanium tinted wheels, gauges and “MAXIMA” badging
  • Optional Perforated Leather seats
  • Unique Crimson Blaze Red color as available color selection
  • “SE Limited” logo embossed on floor mats & seats

It is largely believed that these were produced to get rid of remining A32 engines, parts, and shells. Evidence to support this is the fact that the SE-L could be equipped like every different trim of a Maxima, with the only commonality being the “Limited” traits listed above.

What makes the Infiniti I30 so special?

The Infiniti I30 is really just a dressed up Maxima. Personally, I think it is what the Maxima should/could have been. Anyway…

The I30 has the same drivetrain and suspension components as the Maxima. This means that all the engine and suspension mods for the Max will fit the I30. There is one critical difference with regard to transmissions, however. I30s equipped with the 5spd manual transmission have a VLSD. We all know why this is good.

As far as the exterior is concerned, the only panels shared between the cars are the doors and the roof.

The I30 includes all the features of the Maxima GLE plus:

  • Auto dimming mirror
  • Wood trim on the climate control panel
  • Chrome interior door handles
  • Electric fuel door release
  • Seatback pockets on the front seats
  • Rear seat headrests
  • One-piece rear floor mat (it covers the “hump” and has a logo in the middle)
  • Higher quality leather
  • Items like heated seats, sunroof, homelink, and leather were optional. It is very rare to find an I30 without a sunroof or leather. There was also an option called the Infiniti Communicator that was a built-in cell phone system.

What options were standard and available on the Maxima?

All Maximas come very well equipped with Power windows/locks/mirrors, cruise control, intermittent wipers, 8 way adjustable seat, remote trunk release, rear defroster, Etc. The SE trim level adds white faced gauges, spoiler, fog lights and alloy wheels. The GLE trim level has everything in the ‘S&C’ and ‘Leather trim’ packages described below and the same alloy wheels found on the 95-96 SE.

Options where grouped into three packages, Security and Convenience (S&C), SE Leather trim, and Cold weather/Deluxe Seating. The S&C package required an Automatic transmission for the GXE and a sunroof for the SE except the 95 model. The Cold weather package required the S&C package and ABS brakes except for the 95 model. The ‘cold weather package’ was renamed the ‘deluxe seating package’ in 98 and added side airbags and dropped the ABS requirement.

Security and Convenience Package (S&C)
* 8-way power driver’s seat
* Remote keyless entry and vehicle security system
* Integrated HomeLink Transmitter (SE only)
* Power trunk release
* Illuminated visor vanity mirrors
* Variable intermittent wipers

SE Leather Trim Package
* Leather seating surfaces
* Automatic temperature control
* 4-way power front passenger’s seat
* Simulated leather upper door trim
* Passenger-side seatback pocket

95-97 Cold Weather Package
* Heated front seats
* Heated outside mirrors
* Low windshield-washer fluid warning light
* Heavy-duty battery

98-99 Deluxe Seating Package
* Front seat side air bags
* Heated front seats
* Heated outside mirrors
* Low windshield-washer fluid warning light
* Heavy-duty battery

What are the year to year differences on 4th Gen (95-99) Maximas?

All 4th gen Maximas have the same engine and are basically the same. There are some claims that the earlier 4th gens are slightly more powerful due to less emissions equipment and faster due to being slightly lighter but if there is any speed/power difference it is minimal. Most of these differences where collected from this thread, if you have any additions or corrections please post them there.

Any options or changes continue to the next year unless they are noted to be removed or noted for only one year. The list below is pretty detailed but I did not include every tiny detail to try to keep it readable, check the thread linked above for more details.

1995 – 1st year 4th gen. Rear oxygen sensor in cat. Only year GXE could have S&C package and 5 speed transmission. Only year SE could get S&C package without sunroof. SE came with 15″ ‘Sawblade’ style rims, GLE had 15″ ‘Honeycomb’ Rims.

1996 – revised emissions equipment, new cup holder, power passenger seat available (with leather package). Only year removable in console cup holder available (but most used Maxes no longer have it). Last year GLE came with ‘fuzzy’ pillars (A.B,C)

1997 – Restyled front and rear (front now has crossbar on grill, rear now has turn signals below taillights), improved crash protection, new steering wheel, 16″ 5 spoke wheels on SE, Homelink on GLE and SE with S&C package, SE got orange Gauge needles. Two new steering wheel designs, one for GXE/GLE and one exclusive to SE. New center console – two drink cupholder with hinged lid, lose change holder, lose ashtray in back, lower armrest. New design of double din headunit. Tweeters moved from the A-pillar trim to the door. Cornering lamps removed. Rear oxygen sensor moved behind cat to b-pipe, B-pipe made longer. Rear emblem changed from individual letters to connected letters — M A X I M A, to M_A_X_I_M_A. GLE trim got GLE badge on trunk. GLE gets the 15″ sawblade rims that where on the 95-96 SE.

1998 – Side air bags available (with deluxe seating package), ‘Cold weather package’ replaced by ‘Deluxe seating package’, orange gauge needles on all trim levels (95-97 GXE/GLE had white needles), digital odometer (with two trip meters), climate control redesign, Fuel and temp. Gauges now ‘Mirror image’ instead of facing the same direction. ‘Low Fuel’ light moved from gas gauge to strip of warning lights, ‘Air-bag warning’ light moved from strip of lights to bottom of speedometer, ‘X1000 RPM’ moved from bottom of tachometer to center.

1999 – Emissions equipment and ECU wiring similar to 5th gen models, SE limited edition available, security chip in key, head unit redesign, ‘ambient temperature’ feature added to automatic climate control, three point seat belt for rear center position. Only year traction control was available.

On CA emission 99’s Front pre-cat built into header, two extra oxygen sensors to monitor pre-cats (total of 4), Swirl valve in intake to improve emissions. Special aftermarket Y-pipe required and only 1 pre-cat can be removed.

On February 22, 2022, all Nissan vehicles equipped with telematics hardware compatible for use with the 3G cellular network will be unable to access NissanConnect Services and NissanConnect EV features.

The NissanConnect Services and NissanConnect EV & Services telematics programs will be affected by AT&T’s decision to discontinue its 3G cellular network. On February 22, 2022, all Nissan vehicles equipped with telematics hardware compatible for use with the 3G cellular network will be unable to access NissanConnect Services and NissanConnect EV features. New enrollments for these vehicles will also no longer be allowed after June 1, 2021. After this point, customers who are not already enrolled in a telematics trial or subscription will be unable to access services for their vehicle. The decision to discontinue 3G network coverage was not made by Nissan and this change is not within Nissan’s control.

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As you know common issue for the second-gen FX/QX is the sunroof leak. That leak goes to the floor then kills the modules like the camera etc. The easy and best way to get rid of that leak is just to put another hose to the downside, drain holes in the engine bay.

In that way, you don’t need to break or put the risk of the trim pieces. I used a garden hose and got it to the cabin from the engine bay. when you look at the pics, you will understand. Tested in heavy rain, no issue anymore.