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If anyone still needs to do this in the future on a 2000 5th gen, I did it today using a PIN of 0000. A locksmith couldn’t get me going last week and the 5523 PIN did not work as others have reported. While I can’t verify that PIN 0000 is a universal thing at this point, that’s vague enough that I suspect it might be. I was at my wit’s end and just tried it for the hell of it like working on a computer and once that security light went out, I nearly crapped my pants. Took less than a minute with the correct PIN. Hope this helps someone!

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The automatic climate control is a sophisticated computer-controlled device. It relies on signals from four sensors.

  • The in-vehicle sensor, attached to the A/C control finisher.
  • The ambient sensor, attached to the radiator core support.
  • The sunload sensor, located on the right defroster grille.
  • The intake sensor, located on the cooling unit housing.

This conversion is possible but costly and probably not worth the effort. To judge by past posts on this newsgroup, the automatic climate control is more failure-prone than the manual type and replacement parts are expensive.


Hey guys. Strange problem here and I’m hoping this has happened to someone before so you know how to fix it. My rear brake lights stay on even when the car is turned off. The key is out of the ignition and they just stay on, thus leading to my battery dying quickly. Any suggestions? I actually pulled the tail light fuse and they still stayed on! Any suggestions would be great.


The same thing happened on my 1st gen. The brake pedal itself has a little rubber piece in it that brake light switch contacts and over time it dries up and breaks and falls out.


Yes, there are 2 stoppers – one for the brake light switch and the other for the cruise control disconnect switch. The two switches have nothing to do with the other one.

Additional Fixes:

  • A penny with electrical tape worked for me.
  • This happened to me as well. I tapped a penny with electrical tape to my brake pedal where the plastic button use to be for the brake light switch.
  • Yep. Found both the brake light and cruise control rubber pads on my floorboard. O’Reilly sells rubber bumpers for $2.49 that fit perfectly. Part Number 456230BP.
  • The part number for the 1996 model is 46584-S0100. I would recommend bringing your VIN number to the local dealer to make sure you got the right part. I said this because, for rubber-stopper replacement, there is another part number: 46584-5P010. It’s in black color with a much smaller end and it doesn’t fit my 1996 model.

Part Info:

Nissan calls the rubber bumper thing “Stopper-Rubber”. there are 2 part numbers listed for it but I don’t know what the difference is. They are:

  • 46584-S0100 list price $3.23 Used on 1995 through 1997
  • 46584-5P010 List price $14.05 Used on 1996 through 1999

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On the latest update of the Maxima (2019 and newer at least), you can. You just hold the button to turn cruise on for 1.5 sec or more, and it switches to normal cruise.

I always do this as I hate the default intelligent cruise control. I wonder if the 2019 Murano update also added the ability to switch between the cruise types. I had a 2015 Murano, and I couldn’t do this as it would only allow for intelligent cruise control, and where my dislike for that tech began.


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I was on the hunt for nice and elegant Airlift 3P controller. There were many online but just not a good fit for the 6thgen Maxima. Finally I found one that fit perfect using the cigarette lighter port. Mines did not cover with it so I ended just getting a shifter console on eBay that had it. Everything came out perfect and clean. It’s nicely tucked and visible.

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