Group Deal Info:

  • Contact @ Gerson Flores (Reputable and Trusted Seller)
  • Production will start once 20 group deal spots are filled. Full kit is $700.00 each for 20 kits. $750.00 for 15 kits.
  • The deposit is $350.00 if 20 kits are locked-in or  $375.00 for 15 kits.
  • It takes a 4-8 weeks for the brackets to be made which is the most important part. Once it’s completed you can pay the remaining balance to receive the remaining kit.

What’s Included:

  • Custom CNC Bracket
  • Metal Slaves
  • Modified OEM T-Fitting to 4AN Line (Factory Master and Bleeder will bolt right up like normal)
  • 2x 4AN Stainless Steel Lines (Heat Resistant)
  • Adapter Fittings

Install Info:

  • The kit is plug and play.
  • Only thing you need to do is shave 3 tabs on the transmission for the new upgrade slave to sit flush.
  • The bracket is made to where the slave is replaceable. You can also order the slave through Gerson.
  • The kit works for 2007-2012 Altima 2.5 / 2.5. Also works with 7thgen Maxima 6-Speed Swaps