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I know some of you were interested in wiring your Map light(s) to illuminate when the Dome turned on, and some of you already have. Either way, I thought I’d let you know what I’ve figured out.

The best way I see to do it properly:

Tap into the ground wire (Dome light to SECU [Smart Entrance Control Unit]) Terminal #31 between the SECU and Dome light and install a relay there. I’d do this AT the SECU, most room to work. You want to hook this into the trigger side of the relay.

Here is the location of the SECU:

Then run a 2 Wire cord (preferrably one line with a tracer) from there, up to the Map light (up the Left A pillar and over).

The switch Wiring in the Map light seems to differ. I found 2 set ups.

1. On my car it’s a Single Map light, and it is wired with power to one side of the switch, then when you press the switch power flows through the light and to ground. (standard switch set-up)

2. It appears on some models, with 2 map lights, power is supplied to the light bulbs, and the switches are installed on the ground side (makes the ground connection).

Hooking up the wiring for the first one is easier, all you have to do is attatch (solder) one wire to the bulb side (see wiring diagram), and one wire to the live (+) side. Then down at your relay, connect the wire you connected to live (+) to the relay, and connect the wire you connected to the bulb side on the other end.

Here is my amazing Wiring diagram of the new set-up:

The second way, you have to change the switch type for the Map light.
+ must be triggered by the push switch (before the bulb). That change is pretty straight forward, nothing real complicated, if there are any of you that don’t understand how to do it, post a good picture of your Map lights (unit removed, picture of the back side wiring) and I’ll show you what to do.

So with this set up, we have No diodes, everything operates normally, no extra bulbs. Only thing that changes, is the Map light comes on when the dome light illuminates

I thought I’d let you all know how to do it, in case you were scratching your heads on it, I know some of you have done different things to get this function, some pretty creative, some a little chinsy, anyways…

I know initially you’d just think, jump a wire from the Dome light, and if you don’t have a sunroof, I’d consider it.

I have a sunroof though so this is the best way I can think of (to have it operate properly without installing extra lights and non-sense)

Pull out the Map Light, and unscrew the Sunglass holder. Also pop the cover off the Left A-Pillar. This pic shows all 3 removed, and my wire fish run through already:

Now run your wire fish from the corner of the headliner on the A-Pillar side into the sunglass holder hole. You can probably use a coat hanger or just push the wire through, it’s pretty easy going, everything is framed in the corner.

Hook your 2wire cord onto the wire fish, and feed it through toward the A-Pillar

Now you want to run the wire fish from the fuse panel area (by pedals) up to the A-Pillar base (top of dash). Hook up again and pull through. This pic is with the wire already run.

Now the easy part Locate your SECU, remove the harness connectors (3) and move the wiring so you can work with it easier. And Use my Guide in the OP to locate the proper terminal. It`s a process of elimination to find the harness you want, mine was the middle one, I would assume all years will be the same. I know the terminal designation is the same.

Here`s the wire we want.

Now cut it.

That`s right, only genuine Nissan Parts Any standard SPST relay will work.

I kind of cheated with this wiring cause I ran out of female spades and I wanted to get it done. So the Constant power wire (has red insulation on it in pic) needs to be doubled up (split wire, add 2 female spade connectors). You`ll see what I did in the second pic

Above is everything hooked up except the Ground (terminal wire you cut). I Forgot a pic of the Crimp on the Terminal wire. You just want to join them together into a Female spade connector, you can see it pretty clearly in the pic below (red wire). Please ignore the crudity of the wiring install, it’s temporary, I’ll be installing a SPDT Relay to run my LED handle lighting, at that point I’ll be re-doing the wiring and mounting the Relay

Now, wire in that MAP Light. Hook up the Constant Positive wire (with tracer) to the Constant Positive connection at the Switch

And then hook up the intermittent Positive wire (no tracer) to the output side of the switch (to bulb). I didn`t post a pic of this cause I couldn`t get a good enough picture of it. Plug in the SECU harnesses, the MAP light and DOME light should come on (if you hooked everything up correctly, and the door is open)

If everything works, install all components and make sure all wiring, etc is secure. And enjoy your new modifcation every time you open your door or unlock your car!

Lights off:

Unlock button pressed, lights illuminate:

Door opened:

Just so you know, you can`t shut off your MAP light while the door is open, I don`t know why you`d want to though. It still functions normally when the doors are closed. Another great thing about this mod is, you can shut off the Dome light and have only the MAP light illuminate if you want to (kids in the back sleeping, but you still need light when the door opens) Enjoy!