Credit: marktab

I previously had a Boss brand stereo, but had a few issues. First, there was a high-pitched hiss which never went away even though I put all types of grounds on the system and a filter on the audio. Second, that Boss stereo started to reset its own time. Third, sometimes the Boss stereo would change the channel (!) — seemed like the display screen was somehow stuck. Fourth, the volume always seemed low — and I had started to consider changing the speakers.

However, benefits of the new Pioneer stereo:

  1. The hiss is gone (still keeping the line filters on at the moment)
  2. Stereo has a better screen touch and overall layout
  3. Adds iPhone capability including mic for hands-free phone
  4. Volume is restored — way better than the Boss system ever was
  5. The screw holes match better than the Boss unit — all six attachment screws matched the original Clarion/Bose head unit
  6. Llays DVDs

One installation note — my particular unit went off and on during the installation, and the issue was that the antenna connector to the stereo had to be bent a bit out so it made a solid contact with the connection tunnel.

Finally, some notes on the wiring:

  1. You may connect the blue/white to the blue — that connection makes the antenna go up while the stereo is on (radio or not) — but then when the unit is off, the antenna goes down
  2. You may connect the orange/white to the orange — that connection makes the unit brightness a bit dimmer if the parking lights or driving lights are on
  3. (This wiring picture is for Pioneer brand, only intended as a general guide)


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