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Credit: Derek Giles

Order Link: https://gromaudio.com/store/all-nis9_wlq1mu_wlq1tc_.html
Price: $679.95

I just installed the Grom VLine VL2 Android Auto and Apple CarPlay add-on. I didn’t want to cut holes in my glove box for wires. I really disliked the idea of having all those wires or the VLine in my glove box, so I looked around and found the perfect place for it. There is just the right space at the bottom of the glove box enclosure for the wires and VLine to fit comfortably. I used Velcro to attach it there.

Down there, the VLine doesn’t move, so there’s no need for extra wire to allow for movement every time the glove box is opened, and I don’t have to worry about the VLine getting bounced around. I can’t tell anything has been done to my system. If I need to access the box to reset the system, as some have had to, I can just reach under there and unplug the cable, or I can pull the box down to get to the wiring or the SD card. I’ll post a couple of photos below to show how it looks—or doesn’t.