Credit: marktab

This post is about upgrading your Maxima rear seats. Even on my GLE, the original factory options did not offer rear seat headrests (which are so common in even the most basic cars today). The solution is to find an Infiniti I30 fourth generation — take that seat and put it in. There is no drilling or modification needed.

When I was scoping a replacement seat, I didn’t know if an I30 seat would work or not — but I found a good condition leather black seat which matches my Maxima. I spent no more than US$30 (I had to remove the seat myself from a junked car). The whole job only requires typical metric wrenches.

Start: how the seat looks at the outset

Start: another angle

The replacement seat from an Infiniti I30

Must remove the bottom seat first to access the bolts

Bolts in the center portion

How the panel looks with the back seat removed — this picture indicates where bolts connect

Bottom portion of panel — this part is mostly covered by the seat bottom

Replacement back installed (no seat bottom yet)

Complete: angle 1

Complete: angle 2


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