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For anyone that may dispute the “gains” from doing this mod. gains will only be seen/felt if your stock/current ground wiring is shot, corroded and/or outdated. Long story short. I went out and bought some Streetwires UFX4 Clear power wire from Magnolia Hi-Fi, 9ft of it to be exact. So I cut it to the lengths provided in the installation tutorial (photos included).

Bought some generic stainless steel terminals (4AWG) and crimped them myself. Cost, $19.00 for wire, about $9.00 for terminals, already had necessary tools for the job. $28.00 compared to $50.00, definitely better, but it does take time.  About 1.5 hours for preparing and installing the wires if you custom make them.

Benefits that I can tell right away. Stock speakers KICK now haha, but really, they sound a lot better, much clearer lows and better mid/high range. Headlights and all other lights are MUCH brighter! Windows roll up/down faster.

These are the wire lengths for the 98 maxima according to activetuning:

  • 14″ grounding cable from the negative battery terminal to the chassis
  • 16″ cable is installed from the cylinder head empty M6 threaded hole near the dipstick to the chassis
  • 12″ cable runs from the timing cover harness bracket bolt to the chassis ground
  • 15″ cable is installed from the firewall to the intake

As for the other stuff…

  • Increased Horse Power & Torque
  • Awesome Looks
  • Faster Shifts on Automatics
  • Improved Mileage
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Stronger & Faster Starts
  • Smoother Idle
  • More Responsive Acceleration <~~ noticed a difference right away
  • Reduced Audio Noise
  • Improved Electrical Accessory Performance (brighter lights, windows/sunroofs operate faster, better radio reception, etc.)