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So, I decided to go ahead and do the dreaded water pump replacement job on my EDIT: 263,000 mile 4th gen. What a PITA! I had to do it the long way because #1 I had a leak on my timing chain cover and # 2 I wanted to make sure my timing was accurate and my car didn’t jump timing, bend any valves, etc. Well, since it was my first time ever doing this job, it took me 2 days and I did learn a lot. Man, my oil pan and all my timing chain components were covered in oil sludge, it was ugly I had to do a lot of cleaning, using gasoline! Well, here are some pics that I wanted to share with you all. Sorry for some of the crappy pics…

UPDATE: When cleaning and putting on the lower oil pan just get a NEW Felpro oil pan gasket and follow the tightening sequence! Do not put RTV silicone on there. I had a leak and had to get a Felpro gasket.

New Nissan Water Pump

Oil sludge all over timing components

Broke the old water pump while taking it out

Cleaned and looking good!

Old Thermostat and New Thermostat side by side