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Ok so I figured it was about that time to start a build thread. I have enough pic’s to keep the thread going for awhile so here we go.

I grabbed a 5spd 4gen from a local member for $500.00 with a stillen exhaust, sts, popcharger, alpine radio and upgraded shocks and struts. My plan was to use it as a daily as gas is high and my current daily was a Armada which sucks.

Bringing home the new ride, all loaded up, the truck towed this like it was nothing there.

Hard to think no one bought this for 500 bucks, WTF is happening to the Maxima game.

Needed to make room for the turbo so I relocated the batter to the trunk

Well I’ve seen worse….

Cut out the rust and boxed it back it

Time to start modding the front motor mount to clear the downpipe and semi-lock it out.

Filled it with window weld

Cut out a template for my semi lockout mod while waiting for the poly to dry

OK now to transfer this to metal

Made a plate for both sides and welded it on
Notched the mount to make room for the downpipe and reinforced it a little

All primed, painted and ready to be installed

Installed a stephenmax pftb to dek adapter plate and ported the neck on the intake to match

IACV removed and filled with jb weld, just need to sand it down and make a cover plate for it. Also made a egr bop too.

VAIS bop, now just need to clean up the edges

OK now for the good stuff

1st part of the feedpipe

Starting on the 3inch dp

Wastegate added

Routed the wastegate back into the exhaust seeing how I hated the sound of a open dump on my old car

Feed and downpipe both runs under the oil pan

Added a support bracket on the dp to the trans mount and started to heat wrap everything with lava wrap

Ok so I don’t have a turbo yet and need to keep this project moving and the car driving to save gas. So I made a turbo bop so I can mount the hotside and still drive the car


Exhaust housing and turbo bop installed now just need to make something to connect the dp to the catback

Another angle

Downpipe on

Made a the second half of the downpipe to connect it to the catback in the stock location. I also added a bullet muffler where the car would have been to help keep the noise down. All I want to hear is turbo spool and bov

I am currently driving the car with the turbo bop and hotside install. Next up is to install the coldside while I’m waiting for my turbo in the mail. My goal is to save the foglights so I cut a hole in the rad support and ran the lower intercooler pipe through it.

Ran into a problem didn’t know the foglight brackets bolt to the bumper support. Got to figure this out

 Retained the bumper support ends, welded some extra support brackets to them and bolted the passenger side on but had to gut the drivers side so I could run the intercooler pipe inside and welded that it on the body.

Painted the intercooler black

Put the bumper cover back on a ran into a new problem

This is how I fixed it, I extended the light harness and moved the bulb from the center to the end of the lens

How it looks with the bumper back on

Tinted the fogs

Added a stillen front lip

Running the rest of the intercooler piping

Made a intercooler pipe bead roller so I don’t have to keep running to the shop

Intercooler piping from turbo to intercooler is done and rolled, yep one pipe that’s it
3″ intake pipe so I can retain the IACV


Solid one piece cattman MAF adapter

Turbo came so I ran the intercooler piping to the tb
Found a good deal on some coilovers with one blown strut so I sold my blues and stechs

Had to make some brake line brackets out of some sheet metal I had sitting around

Scored some 5.5gen calipers, brackets, pads and rotors for cheap

4gen vs 5.5gen


All buttoned up

So I dropped the car another 1/2inch all around over the stechs for a total of 2.75 front and 2.3 rear

Another angle

The stock drivers seat had a tear in the leather and I couldn’t find a decent replacement for less than 100 bucks. So I got a pair of these with sliders for 258shipped

Since no one makes brackets for a decent price and I had no clue if the ones I found would fit these seats I made my own brackets out of the OEM seats

Welded the brackets directly to the seats


All buttoned up, just need to figure out the seat belts now

New gauge pod with a wb02 and vac/boost gauge

Turbo came, gps gt35, t4, off center, 3inch vband dp, .68 exhaust ar

The pftb, 2013 GTR injectors, vias bop, ported 00vi, cleaned, painted and ready to be installed
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1st up timing cover

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So I treated myself to a racing jacket, another vafc2 since mine took a crap and going to upgrade some of my intercooler piping from 2.5 to 3inch

New engine bay pics with 3inch intercooler piping, more deleting, cleaning and polishing

Did some painting too

Aas you can see I blew my MAF apart which is common but nothing rtv and zip ties can’t fix, lol
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ditched the crappy looking rusty oem rad brackets for these
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finally scored a pathfinder bose radio
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ordered a meth kit
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Went to a dyno meet the following day and made 300hp on 7psi with the spark blowing out