Suspension Wheels & Brakes Mods


Though labeled as Automatic, it works with a 6-Speed Manual. However, there’s an issue of it rubbing against the hood and being extremely close to the intake when using Gen2/3 engine swaps. eBay seems to be the better deal with shipping.

Order Link 1: https://shop.redline360.com/products/megan-racing-strut-bar-nissan-altima-front-race-spec-2002-2006-polished-upper
Order Link 2: https://www.ebay.com/itm/124914421322
Price: $79.95 – $87.82



Traction Rods are used to absorb unwanted deflection in the OEM control arm. Largely do to the OEM’s rubber bushings, under hard acceleration the control arms natural motion of up and down can be compromised by the forces created as the axles try to turn the front wheels. This deflection is then translated in to things like wheel hop and under some circumstances, torque steer.

Price: $149.99
Part Number: TR-A35

Traction Rods help to ensure the correct suspension geometry under acceleration and stop the “toe-in/toe-out” condition created when the car is under load. This assists in power transmission to the ground and therefore faster acceleration in straight lines and coming out of corners in both wet and dry conditions. Some additional toe adjustment for front alignment may also be obtained.

Easily mounts to the car in less than one hour. Almost no ground clearance is lost during the installation of these Traction Rods. As measured on a vehicle lowered 2″, the lowest point of the kit is 1/4″ higher than the subframe and directly in line with the wheels center line so there is no risk of scraping the rod on a speed bump.

Perfect for any car that sees track duty, whether it be drag or autoX, the difference in feel and power transmission is felt immediately!

Optional Stainless steel joint are available to ensure long service life, especially for vehicles the see sno/salt

All hardware and instructions are included.


Engineered to perform where others have failed, Racingline Strut bars are engineered to be both classic in style and functional in design.

Price: $99.99

Designed to be a simple bolt on product, the Racingline strut tower bar connects the strut towers to provide for a more rigid chassis that rewards the driver with greater steering feedback and response. Along with the improved steering feel, better cornering ability and stability are also realized. Allowing the driver to more confidently control the vehicle during cornering maneuvers.

Ample space around the intake manifold is enough to accommodate popular IM spacer kits. Manual equipped cars require our clutch reservoir relocation bracket, (Available from the pull down menu above, do not buy separately)

Internally the bar is divided into 3 chambers with 2 vertical walls to aid in rigidity, while maintaining the light properties aluminum is known for. Available in a high luster polish or semi gloss black (powder coated).

Install Instructions:

PDF Version: 18631_Install


Oem endlinks are weak and prone to failure on cars that are either lowered or have up graded swaybars due to the fact they use a plastic socket to house the ball joint. Lowering a vehicle typically causes the endlink to bind, further reducing it’s effectiveness and life span. Racingline endlinks are much stronger, adjustable, and more responsive the the oem units. These feature allow for a longer life span, effective corner weighting, and improved sway control.

Price: $129.99

Each link consists of:

  • billet 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum turnbuckles that are hard anodized to insure long term durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Rod-end/Hiem joints which are TEFLON lined, and are made from a chrome plated chromoly alloy steel for superior strength and durability.
  • Polyurethane bushings which act as dust boots to keep contaminants out of the bearing race as well as provide load resistance for an improved linear sway bar response.
  • They also provide superior insulation against elevated NVH levels, a condition seen in typical hiem joint style endlinks.
  • 2 High Quality THK ball joints

Sets are fully rebuildable should any component become worn out due to normal wear or otherwise. Please contact us directly if you need any hardware.

Installation Instructions:

PDF  Version: V2fel_Install